Greece Crete Resort

Greek resorts are world famous

The largest Greek island of Crete is considered the leader in tourist attraction

On Crete there are so many resorts and attractions that it is difficult for a tourist to immediately understand where to go and where to stay. Of course, for most tourists Greece, Crete and Rethymnon are primarily sandy beaches. In addition to the city beach, which stretches as much as 16 kilometers, there are dozens of bays and harbors located in the vicinity of Rethymnon.

Heraklion is considered the capital of Crete. But, judging the local cities by their beauty and good location, the palm will go to the city of Rethymnon. This ancient city has absorbed the culture of many epochs and countries: from the ancient Mycenaeans to modern Britain. The history of the city knew a lot of ups and downs. The Rethymno map is full of not only beaches and sights, but also entertainment centers. Here sportsmen, connoisseurs of cultural festivals and concerts, culinary gourmets, shopping lovers or noisy parties will find something to do.

Cafes, taverns, restaurants and bars flooded all the streets of the city. No one will definitely remain hungry, especially since the dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine are very rich and tasty, and the portions in restaurants are large. There is no lack of housing either. You can settle on 1 line by the sea, in the city center, in popular resorts or in the surrounding villages of Rethymnon. There are apartments on any wallet size, and the level of services will satisfy all possible requirements.

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Greece Crete Resort
The climate was very important in ancient Greece. The climate is Mediterranean, characterized by arid and hot summers, when rains may not fall for long months, but in winter there are a lot of storms, rains, sometimes snow falls. Thanks to this climate in Greece farming is possible without artificial irrigation. This, of course, had a tremendous impact, this Greece is different from the civilization of the Ancient East, where collective efforts were needed and, accordingly, centralized power for the construction of irrigation canals and relational systems, and in Greece it was not necessary: it was enough winter rains, all crops were winter. The rivers did not matter much in the life of the Greeks, since they were small.

Crete is located in the temperate zone of the Mediterranean climate, therefore it is relatively warm throughout the year

Traditionally, the tourist season in Crete is the period from March to September. In the spring, you can enjoy cultural activities: see the sights, participate in the local carnival, take a walk along the sea coast. In summer, beach holidays and water activities dominate: surfing, scuba diving, jet-ski races and sea cruises on yachts. And in September, with favorable weather, you can successfully combine trips to the local beach with the study of the cultural characteristics of cities and nearby villages.

When the sun goes down in the city, an active life continues, because open numerous bars and nightclubs. However, the concept of "parties" is different here: most of the party is held in the bar, while the Greeks go to the dance floor long after midnight. Therefore, local nightclubs begin work around 2 am. The most popular clubs are located in the center of Rethymnon, and among them are the Metropolis, Fortezza, Ice Club, Opera club. Also in the summer, incendiary parties are held in the resorts of Platanias and Misyria.

A lot of interesting offers to lovers of active recreation Plakias beach. On the local coast, a large diving center is equipped, in which everyone can learn the basics of diving. And let me keep silent about the beauty of the underwater world: it's better to see once than to read 100 times. A resort village and sandy beach of the same name in the Adelianos Kampos area, located just 5 km from Rethymnon. A clean and equipped coastline will allow you to enjoy a relaxing beach holiday and quickly recuperate. In addition, due to its good location, nearby villages are very convenient as a starting point for traveling around Crete.

Cretan cuisine is a very special story, with its own traditions and subtleties. A tasty meal here is loved and able, the locals can talk about food endlessly and happily share the best recipes. Cretan cuisine is based on several basic principles, and its origins come from antiquity. The gods of Olympus thought out for people to the smallest detail, and this is the secret of Greek longevity - the basis of the diet consists of only fresh ingredients and fragrant greens in abundance. The recipes of many dishes have survived through the centuries and serve as a source of inspiration for the best chefs in the world.

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