Greenland tourism. Long iceberg wall seen from a little distance. The Iceberg still has'nt turned around. Greenland photography tours

Top-notch adventure vacations you can afford. Greenland photography tours

Greenland - a distant country, covered with ice and snow

Greenland attracts many extreme tourists, but few who know all the secrets of this amazing country. For many, Greenland is just a big island on the world map, which is located above the Arctic Circle, not far from mainland North America. This harsh land harbors many secrets, its transcendental unearthly beauty and enchanting landscapes of ice and snow attract many travelers. You should pay particular attention to your equipment and clothing. Even with a simple visit to Greenland, which does not involve traveling outside the city, you should stock up on warm clothes with good protection from the wind, as well as warm and strong shoes.

The main highlight of tours in Greenland is the fantastic beauty of fabulous snow landscapes, and all the sights here are somehow connected with the cold: be it igloo hotels, colossal glaciers or the northern lights. Bathing whales, amazing collections of the national museum of the capital of the country or fancy local cuisine is a pleasant addition to the unforgettable impressions of the trip. In the capital of Greenland - Nuuk, you can visit the Arctic Garden, the memorial of Queen Margrethe, the church of Savur Church, the "meat market" and much more.

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Greenland tourism. Long iceberg wall seen from a little distance. The Iceberg still hasnt turned around. Greenland photography tours.

Travel to Greenland, the land of fishermen, hunters and melting glaciers

In no other corner of the planet is the northern lights so bright and spectacular as it is over the east coast of Greenland during the autumn and winter months. The capital of Greenland is the city of Nuuk, which the locals also call Gotham, which means "good hope" in Inuit. Greenland is the largest island in the world and over 80% of its territory is covered with eternal ice. Greenland is considered the largest glacier after Antarctica.

The accelerating global warming and the melting of glaciers is a serious problem: the disappearance of the ice sheet threatens to raise the ocean level by about 7 meters. Each country has its own unique culinary traditions, and Greenland is no exception. In Greenland, most dishes do not go through the cooking process, that is, if it is a fish, then it will most likely be dried salted, dried and even fermented.

All seafood that will offer you will also be without heat treatment and it is very tasty. In Greenland you will find very interesting and unique souvenirs, which are made by local artisans by hand. Natural materials are used: wood, teeth, bones, stones, leather. In the summer, the country has fairly strong solar radiation - the sun is in the sky almost all day and night, and its rays are reflected both from the surface of the glaciers and from the sea. It is worth carrying sunscreens, creams and good glasses, hats, and light scarves or shawls covering the neck.

Greenland is a rare place that has been preserved to the maximum untouched, and human intervention is minimal. There are excellent conditions for extreme sports, popular ecotourism today. Nature lovers can admire amazing landscapes, plunge into the original culture of the peoples of the island, who still live according to ancient traditions.

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