Guadeloupe tourism. Beautiful caribbean lagoon with three jetskis. Caribbean Watersports

The archipelago is washed by the waters of the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean. Romantic weekend getaway ideas.

Guadeloupe is the islands of Bas Ter and Grand Ter in the eastern part of the Caribbean Sea, off the coast of South America

The city and the island of Bas Ter is the most beautiful on the archipelago, with picturesque landscapes, waterfalls and tropical vegetation. Most of the island is a national park declared by UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. On the islands you can rent a bungalow, which will be located directly on the coast. Beautiful places in Sainte Anne, Dee and other coastal towns.

These islands were discovered in 1493 by Christopher Columbus. Guadeloupe tours are often bought by people who prefer to relax on the beach and bask in the hot sunshine. If you love outdoor activities, you can admire the beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, rocky cliffs. The territory of Guadeloupe is influenced by a tropical maritime climate.

Stroll along the beaches of Bas-Ter. The beaches on the Bas-Tera will delight you with its beauty. Grande Anse Beach in Deshi is also very beautiful, with a long strip of sand, perfect for a morning run or a walk. But la plage de la Perle in spite of the fact that it is smaller, in our opinion, more authentic. On the islands of Guadeloupe, tourists will find dozens and dozens of beaches, all are different, and everyone will find one that will appeal to him. Your corner of happiness. The sunsets and sunrises in Guadalupe are beautiful. Do not miss your chance and get to the beach at the golden hour. This is a real treasure trove for photographers. And even if you fail to capture all the beauty, you remember it, and it will remain in your memories for a lifetime.

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Guadeloupe tourism. Beautiful caribbean lagoon with three jetskis. Caribbean Watersports.
Take a walk in the rainforest around Bas-Ter. No wonder Bas-Ter is the capital of Guadeloupe. The city and its surroundings are filled with unique sights. This is a real treasure trove contained in the volcanic reliefs of Bass Thera. Tourists can make numerous independent walks, but the presence of a guide accompanying you gives completely different impressions. The inexhaustible knowledge of guides about the fauna, flora and geology of his region will add a significant layer of knowledge to your experience gained during the Guadeloupe voyage. Not to mention the wealth of exchanges, cultural and spiritual, that await you throughout the walk. A real blessing for those who want to dive into the culture. This region is full of cascading waterfalls and natural pools of all kinds.

The archipelago is a paradise for beach lovers. You can organize a whole tour of Guadeloupe with visits to various beaches

If you ever get the opportunity to visit the islands of Guadeloupe, be sure to spend an unusual night in Aqualodge water bungalows. Aqualodge is a small floating bungalow in the lagoon of Saint-Francois. It is a small autonomous nook of life, powered by solar energy. Each small house has all the necessary amenities that allow it to be independent. Coral reef is nearby, and tourists can enjoy the panoramic view, covering the beach with palm trees, beautiful yachts and the open sea, of course.

Guadeloupe Islands are full of beautiful beaches, and are considered among the most beautiful in the world. But those that are located on the island of Marie-Galante and are located on its west coast north of St. Louis are definitely favorites. They retained their original wild look. The Big Cake, as this island is nicknamed, offers many other attractions that will allow you to discover Guadeloupe from a new perspective. Even a simple road trip to Mari-Galante will give you a sense of real adventure, because along the way you can find a lot of places hidden from the eyes of travelers.

Visit the black beach on the Trois Riviera. Many tourists dream of a perfect photo where the beach is like a postcard with a pristine white sand beach and palm trees. But why do not you visit an unusual beach with black sand. It is dark due to high volcanic activity in this region. The contrast and the palette of colors at sunset are incredible here. A bonus comes with a breathtaking view of Le Saintes opening from here.

Get acquainted with the flora and fauna of Guadeloupe in the Botanical Garden of Deshi. Of course, it is preferable to watch the wildlife in its natural environment, but tourists like to visit the Botanical Garden in Deshi. This garden offers to get acquainted with various types of plants from around the world, between which it is very pleasant to walk. There are parrots with parrots, parrots and even flamingos just flying at large. This is a very relaxing place to relax.

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