Hainan Island, China - vacation travel photos. Rest on Hainan. When life seems like paradise

The cheapest places to travel this summer. Rest on Hainan is extremely diverse.

The paradise life of most people is associated with a warm, quiet island where you can forget about problems and enjoy the beauty of nature. One of these places is considered to be the Chinese island of Hainan

Sandy beaches that seem not to pass in a few days, the azure sea sparkling in the rays of the sun, picturesque and peaceful nature - this is what a beach holiday in Hainan is. Add to this a favorable climate, incendiary discos and all sorts of water activities.

The botanical garden of tropical plants, the Butterfly Museum, the picturesque Pirates Island, and the West Island are also a paradise for water fun lovers, the Flying World bird park, the Taoist temple complex Dun Tian, and the crocodile and tiger zoo.

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Hainan Island, China - vacation travel photos

It is no coincidence that the tropical island of Hainan is called the pearl of China. Tourists who are planning to spend their holidays in this amazing place are waiting for an excellent beach holiday, wellness procedures, sightseeing trips and, of course, plenty of entertainment

This tropical island, located in the South China Sea, is often called "East Hawaii" - because of the coincidence of geographic latitude. The island is the second largest Chinese island after Taiwan.

The sub-equatorial climate of Hainan makes it ideal for relaxing. More than 300 days a year here is clear and sunny. Tourists can plan a visit to the Crystal Museum and Pearl Museum with a pearl plantation, visit the Day-Feng-Lin rainforest, go to the natural zoo on the shores of Lake Dunshanhu and Dongshan Zoo Safari, plan an excursion to the crater of Ma-An .

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