Halong Bay Cruises. Every day Halong Bay ply dozens of cruise liners

Halong Bay is a true wonder of nature, one of the most beautiful places on the planet

Vacation in Vietnam, as a rule, is not the most expensive trip. But Halong Bay is a completely different story

Halong Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has more than 3000 islands. Here are open sea spaces, hidden from the eyes amazing caves, majestic cliffs and rocks, miniature lagoons with cozy sandy beaches. Thanks to the sun, the lagoon looks even more beautiful. In all of Vietnam, it is difficult to find a more touristy and popular place than Halong Bay. Nature, of course, tried its best here - tall rocks with dense vegetation are perfectly combined with the serene smoothness of the water and the watercolors of the sky. Tearing away from the surrounding landscapes is impossible - unless you look at the camera lens.

The best time to travel to Halong is in the months from March to May and from October to November. Halong Bay is a magical, mystical place, especially beautiful during the hours of sunrise and sunset. A typical program of an inexpensive cruise on Halong Bay is a visit to Titova Island, Surprising Cave, kayaking, cooking class, squid fishing, Tai Chi exercises. In theory, everything is fine, but in practice there is too little time, everything turns out in a hurry, and to relax, just to lie on the upper deck on a chair you almost never have time. And it's terribly sad. Halong Bay is beautiful, but in a hurry and bustle its beauty slips away.

Vietnam is a country of amazing nature, where rocks grow right out of the ocean, and the number of tropical islands is in the tens. Stretching along the sea by a narrow long strip (more than 3000 km), Vietnam has absorbed the best beaches of this region. Some of them, for example, Phan Thiet, are famous for their generous waves and extraordinary landscapes. Others, such as Nha Trang, are classic family resorts with a developed infrastructure and top-level service. But there is still mountain Danang, the tropical island of Phu Quoc and the crazy Asian metropolis Ho Chi Minh City - the choice for those tourists who are in love with southeast exoticism is huge.

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Halong Bay Cruises
Halong Bay - "the place where the dragon descended into the sea" is perhaps the country's most famous landmark. This archipelago of several thousand rocky islands, rising literally from the sea, is under the protection of UNESCO. Tourists come here to take a short walk on a traditional boat, but nothing prevents you from staying longer. On Catba Island - the largest in the archipelago - is a national park and tourist complex. And on the island of Tuan Chau, which is connected to the mainland by a kilometer-long bridge, the Vietnamese elite like to relax.

Halong Bay is located in northern Vietnam, 170 km east of the capital Hanoi

This is one of the main attractions of the country. The importance of this place for Vietnam is hard to overestimate. Halong Bay has almost two thousand islands, bizarre rocks, caves, grottoes, picturesque beaches. The beaches, caves and grottoes that nature created near the islands inspire those who seek vivid impressions for a more thorough study of the beauties of Halong Bay - kayaking and boat trips to the islands are among the most popular types of outdoor activities in this region.

Almost all cruise liners have Wi-Fi on board, but will it work in Vietnam on your ship? No one will give guarantees. Honestly, the Internet in Halong is not particularly needed - such an extraordinary beauty around you. Halong Bay is a natural wonder of the world in the north of Vietnam. One of the sights is the Hang Dau Go Cave. It is beautifully illuminated, in addition, sunlight penetrates inside, so you can see all its huge dimensions. This is impressive.

With free time, it would be best for you to go on your own to Katbu Island, stay there for several days, and from there go to Halong Bay itself. But if the number of days is limited, then buying a tour from Hanoi will be the best solution for you. Do not forget that if you are late for the departure of your boat, he will sail away without you and you will have to stay on the island for the rest of your life. Just kidding.

During the cruise, you can be offered a culinary workshop - first they will show you what miracles you can do from the most ordinary tomatoes, and then they will teach you how to make Vietnamese spring rolls. If the absence of a bright sun seems to you bad weather, then keep in mind that in fact in Vietnam in such weather to be on the street you will be very comfortable. Carefully, all your children's illusions that pearls form when a grain of sand hits the shell, and then the fearless aborigines dive and get them from the bottom, can collapse here.

Vietnamese cuisine has absorbed the best of Chinese, French, Thai and Khmer culinary traditions, creating their own unique dishes and sauces. The base product is rice, flavored with a variety of spices, and the undisputed leader of the local table is seafood. Shrimp cooked in a coconut, and then fried in rice, lobsters, crabs, oysters cooked on the grill, shark soup... And all this is freshly caught, because the Vietnamese do not eat frozen food. Among the national dishes worth noting pancakes nem - stuffing them can be very diverse, but the mince wraps invariably in rice paper. And, of course, fruits are abundant: small sweet pineapples, mangoes, watermelon, dragon melon, bananas - just do not list, you need to come and try! Fortunately, food prices in Vietnam are very humane.

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