Sydney trip. North Sydney city harbor bridge close-up top view. Australia tours

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Harbor Bridge is one of the main attractions of Sydney

Today, without it, as well as without the Sydney Opera House, it is no longer possible to imagine the capital of Australia. Construction of the bridge began in 1926, and at that time its erection was a real technical marvel and engineering triumph. Plans to build a bridge across the Port Jackson Strait appeared in the early 19th century, but for a long time the project was postponed for various reasons. Only 100 years later, at the end of the First World War, the idea of a bridge was finally realized.

In recent years, Harbor Bridge has become famous throughout the world and as a venue for grand fireworks. The most significant salute, gathering up to one and a half million viewers and a billion viewers, happens here on New Year's Eve - since 1999, the tradition of New Year's fireworks has been strictly observed, making Harbor Bridge the center of an exciting pyrotechnic show.

More than 10 million tourists come to Sydney annually. Sydney (by the way, is not the capital contrary to popular misconception) is famous for its clean beaches and plenty of attractions. Magnificent modern architecture peacefully coexists with the old buildings of the mid-XIX century. Here there is something to see both nature lovers and lovers of the man-made beauties of the civilized world.

Sydney appears to tourists as a very relaxed city. Locals are completely devoid of complexes, around there is a joyful and easy atmosphere. The parks are filled with lovers of an active lifestyle, dozens of athletes run along the paths, and practice yoga on the lawns. However, Sydney is not averse to having some fun. There are many bars in the city that flood people who want to skip a pint of beer. There is an unspoken tradition - after work, get together with friends and relieve stress in the nearest pub.

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Sydney trip. North Sydney city harbor bridge close-up top view. Australia tours.

Construction of the Harbor Bridge took 8 years, it was inaugurated on March 19, 1932

Sydney is the gateway to the wonderful world of Australia. Sydney attracts tourists with the opportunity to look at the ancient architecture, tall skyscrapers, as well as admire the ocean view. It is a city of contrasts, often compared with Los Angeles. Ferries in Sydney combine two functions at the same time. The first is the possibility of cheap access to the desired location. The second function - walking, picking steam as transport, tourists can not only reach their destination, but also to admire the colorful landscapes and enjoy the ocean. Do not forget to bring your camera.

Traveling to Sydney can be not only as an excursion, but also as a resort. Here are many beaches, the most famous are: Callory, Bronte, Googee and Palm Beach. These beaches are equipped not only for a relaxing family holiday, but also for sports entertainment. You can play volleyball, rent a surfboard and take advantage of many other attractions. Despite the presence of zoos in the city, you can meet exotic animals right on the street. For example, making a walk in the park you can meet possums, ibises, parrots and other representatives of the animal world.

Darling Harbor: in the most famous tourist area of Sydney is concentrated the lion's share of the city's attractions. In the central part there is a pedestrian bridge, which offers a wonderful view of the urban landscape, as if descended from the pages of the novel about the distant future. You can ride a monorail train and look at the Maritime Museum. Qantas Credit Union Arena regularly hosts sporting events and concerts of popular musicians. This location remembers performances of The Beatles, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Bruno Mars, Canny West and many others. Darling Harbor also has a branch of Madame Tussauds wax museum, Wild Life Sydney wildlife park and Chinese Friendship Gardens.

The cost of living in Sydney will depend on your requests and wishes. It can be said with confidence that this city will appeal not only to financially secure people, but also ordinary tourists who want to fully enjoy the beauty of the natural world, while spending the minimum amount of money. National dish in Sydney is considered to be a meat pie. This treat is a layer cake of several sorts of meat. Visit one of the many restaurants in the city, take the opportunity and try this dish.

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