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Havana is a colorful and attractive city, one of the most unusual in the whole world.

A trip to Havana is an unforgettable adventure, combining a beach holiday and an extensive excursion program

Havana is the capital of Cuba and one of the 14 provinces of this republic. Recognizable and memorable atmosphere forever, many attractions and a special mood, soaring in the air, attract travelers here and allow you to dive into the wonderful world of the capital of the island. Traveling to Havana allows you to see not only the main emblematic places of the city, for example, the Capitol, but also to visit many other wonderful places.

One of the most popular places in Havana is the Old Square or Plaza Vieja. Here are the old buildings of the XVII-XVIII centuries. Favorite walk for tourists and locals - a walk along the Malecon embankment, passing along the main streets of Havana and offering stunning views of the bay. "La Bodeguita del Medio" is a bar where you can try mojito. This is the former favorite place of Ernest Hemingway. Take time for E. Finki Vigia's E. Hemingway Museum. The famous writer spent 20 years in the walls of this house, and it seems that time has stopped here, everything is preserved unchanged, as it was during the life of the writer.

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Havana, Cuba - vacation travel photos

The architecture of the times of Spanish colonial rule in Cuba is adjacent to the ultramodern skyscrapers of concrete and glass

At the mention of the word Cuba, the first association that arises is rum. Learn the history of the appearance of the drink and the entire technological process of its production is possible in the museum of rum "Havana Club". Good beaches begin as early as 15 minutes from the center of Havana and stretch for 20 km. This is a snow-white coral coast, along which there are many good hotels. In the vicinity of Havana diving is well developed. There are 5 international centers, which in total cover an area of almost 100 km along the coast. Many centers offer training for beginners, including a full course with a certificate. The equipment can be rented, it is presented in a large assortment and excellent quality.

All accommodation options in Havana are divided into three groups: beach hotels, city hotels and the private sector. Havana is quite safe in the daytime. The prosperity of the city depends heavily on tourism, the Cuban police are everywhere and pay attention to crowded places so you should not be afraid to be in the city during the daytime. In local restaurants, always ask for a menu or price before ordering, because there may be special rates for tourists that you will be introduced to after you eat or drink something.

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