Hawaii diving tours. A scuba diver seen from below, silhouetted against sunlight and surface waves. Hawaii Scuba Diving

Maui and Molokini are an excellent choice for exploring the marine life of the Hawaiian archipelago

Maui Black Rock is one of the most popular places for diving, but on the coast of Kaanapali many hotels can boast excellent home reefs

Eagles, turtles and fish schools make it possible to take excellent pictures here. The coast of Kona is famous for its caves and lava tubes - cavities that were formed in lava flows. These are great places to observe both nocturnal animals and those who are active during the daytime. One of the celebrities of these places is the gastropod mollusk Tiger Cowry, which reaches giant sizes in Hawaii.

Molokini Crater is located just half an hour on a boat from Maui. Inside the crater, which is a nature reserve, there are many species of fish, moray eels, sometimes manti appear. Great depths are located in the back of the Molokini, and the strong ocean current attracts large pelagic animals such as manti, sharks or whales. There are also several interesting sunken ships off the coast of Maui.

Is it physically difficult to dive? Not. Diving is not a sport. It does not need special physical training. Diving does not require physical strength or quick response. It is just appreciated the ability to completely relax and save power. The better a person swims, the less he strains.

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Hawaii diving tours. A scuba diver seen from below, silhouetted against sunlight and surface waves. Hawaii Scuba Diving.

The main attractions of these places are: black corals and flocks of tame fish

Molokini is an underwater, now inactive, volcano just 3 km from Maui. A small part of it in the shape of a crescent emerges from the water. This place is perfect for diving and snorkeling, and the crater itself has the status of a national reserve. Visibility under water reaches 45 meters, there are about 250 species of fish inside. Here you can often meet sharks, and experienced divers can dive in places chosen by hammerhead fish. And almost anyone can see sea turtles and zebra eels here. Several places of interest are located off the west coast of Maui: Honolua Bay, Olowalu and Five Caves, home to huge sea turtles.

There are more than 50 certified dive clubs in Hawaii, and almost every hotel on any island has dive club offices and equipment stores. Molokini is among the top ten places for diving and snorkeling on the planet, but sometimes there are too many tourists who periodically literally scare away all the fish. Diving in Hawaii is possible at any time of year. The climate in these latitudes is marine, tropical. A small amount of precipitation in Hawaii is possible between early May and October, when the islands are affected by tropical cyclones. The rains at this time are not long, and sunny days still prevail.

Most marine animals that may be dangerous for us are too shy to attack humans. "Dangerous" inhabitants of the depths of the sea called conditionally. They will be dangerous only for those who try to disturb them. If they are not specifically touched, these creatures may not cause any harm, because they are only trying to protect themselves or their home.

Divers do not really dive very deeply, but scuba (and skills to use it) gives us a foothold in this secret world. At those depths where there are scuba divers, it is precisely the most truly interesting. Even while swimming on the surface and diving with a mask and snorkel somewhere in the seaside resort or in a lake near your home, you can actually observe what is below the surface of the water. You see things hidden from those people who limit themselves to walks along the shore and sunbathing on the beach.

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