Helsinki tourism Finland. Helsinki harbour. View of Helsinki from the sea. Finland tours

European vacation packages and deals. Helsinki is a wonderful city.

Helsinki was founded in 1550 by the Swedish king Gustav Vasa

Two centuries later, in 1748, on the islands near the city for protection from the sea, the Swedes began to build the fortress of Sveaborg, which gave impetus to the growth of the settlement itself, but Abo remained the capital of Swedish Finland. Helsinki is a cozy city where the sea is felt even in winter. The central part of the city is monuments of architecture and history, museums, and also your choice of entertainment centers, delicious food and shopping. You can also ride a tourist tram in the center, there is a tram with an open "summer" car, exclusively for a cultural trip in the center, the route is roundabout. It is very interesting to see the archipelago around Helsinki with hundreds of islands. It is possible, of course, to admire islands and ships, steamboats from the embankment, but it is much more interesting to ride a river tram along some interesting route.

You can admire the city, ride on the tall Fern wheel Finnair SkyWheel. Senate Square (Senaatintori) is the business card of Helsinki. It is here that one of the symbols of the city is located and the main Lutheran church is the Cathedral (St. Nicholas Cathedral), which was built in 1830-1852 in parallel with the construction of St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg, and they have much in common.

In Finland, you do not have to fear for your personal safety or your property. However, several rules should be followed. For example, smoking in public places in the country is prohibited, and this is not at all a formal ban - the Finns vigilantly monitor its observance. In many night bars, the sale of alcohol ends at 1:30, and some places do not have a license to sell alcohol. In public places we do not recommend getting large sums from the purse and leaving personal belongings unattended: this simple rule applies even in the countries with the lowest crime rates.

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Helsinki tourism Finland. Helsinki harbour. View of Helsinki from the sea. Finland tours.

Market Square (Kauppatori) - berries, fruits, vegetables, local delicacies are sold here in the summer, a sprat fair is held in October, and a Christmas fair runs in the winter

At any time of the year you will find here a large selection of souvenirs and, of course, a cafe to warm up and have a snack. You can navigate in the city along the main street and three main squares. Aleksanterinkatu is the historical central street of the city, it is also the most fun and the most commercial. Ferries plying between Helsinki and Sveaborg Fortress depart from the Market Square.

The bastion fortification system, located on islands near Helsinki, protected the city from the sea from the 18th to the 20th century. Initially, the fortress received the Swedish name Sveaborg, which means "Swedish fortress", and in 1918 it was given the Finnish name Suomenlinna - "Finnish fortress". Currently, the Sveaborg fortress buildings, built on the seven rocky islands that make up the Wolf Skerries, are one of the main attractions of Helsinki.

Since 1991, the fortress is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On its territory there are several museums, the naval academy of the Finnish navy and the prison. Entrance to the territory is free, but visiting museums is paid. Free use of internet in the center of Helsinki is possible almost everywhere. There is Wi-Fi in transport with a corresponding sticker, on the main post office, in shopping centers, McDonald's and numerous cafeterias.

There are other major cities in Finland that are interesting for tourists. Kuopio, surrounded by lake Kallavesi and almost half covered with forests, is an ideal place for outdoor recreation. Tampere is chained from almost 200 lakes, the relaxation on the beaches can be combined with excursions: what is only the Cathedral, more like an ancient castle. It is better to go to Turku in summer: during noisy festivals, you will be able to listen to rock and jazz, wander around fairs - in general, feel the festive mood.

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