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Best Russia holiday destinations. On Monday, the museum has a day off.

The word Hermitage of French origin, means "a lonely place". There are few museums in the world that are comparable to the Hermitage in size, magnificence of architecture and variety of collections

The building of the Winter Palace is an integral part of the ensemble of Palace Square in St. Petersburg. It all started with the approval of the empress Elizabeth Petrovna project B.F. Rastrelli on the construction of a new front residence in 1754. 10 years later, in 1764, the foundation of the private collection of Catherine II was laid, then it was placed in separate apartments, later they were called the Hermitage. Today, the State Hermitage Museum includes a whole complex of buildings and exhibition grounds. Most of them are located at 32-38 Palace Embankment: the Winter Palace, the Small Hermitage, the Old Hermitage, the Hermitage Theater, the New Hermitage.

Going to St. Petersburg, everyone wants to get acquainted with the masterpieces that are kept in the northern capital. St. Petersburg is the most visited by foreign tourists city of Russia, along with Moscow. There really is something to admire. The Hermitage has about 3 million exhibits, and the museum itself is rightfully among the twenty most visited art museums in the world. Values are not only paintings, tapestries, sculptures and other works of art, but also the interiors of the palace: artwork, mosaic floors, chandeliers, the famous marble staircase. The interior decoration affects the luxury and craftsmanship of its creators.

At a certain period in the life of each person there is a need to consider the path traveled and understand something. The emergence of museums at the moment is connected with the same. Museums arose in those times when humanity and society had the need to look back, as well as the need for self-awareness and self-knowledge. All modern museums have appeared over the past few centuries. Museums are reliable custodians of historical memory and heritage of past eras. Museums are very important in our life. They reflected the lives of those people who lived a long time ago and not only.

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Hermitage Museum
In the world there are many different thematic museums and exhibitions. Significant and not so much, they offer their visitors to familiarize themselves with the exposition and form their opinion on this or that artist, sculptor, period of history or country. Among them are those who claim unconditional leadership. These are the largest museums in the world, which have a huge influence on the rest and shape public opinion, as well as act as trendsetters.

The museum presents the richest collections of works of art and cultural objects from the Stone Age to our century

St. Petersburg is a stunningly beautiful city, you can walk on it for a long time and contemplate the architecture of buildings, parks, palaces, avenues. But, of course, all the most valuable things are kept behind strong walls in the storerooms of museums, which are open to the public and ready to show you the great heritage and wealth of Russia. The most attractive feature of the Hermitage is the architecture of the halls.

The interior of the museum, the decor of the rooms and the whole old furnishings act as an independent value. In general, the museum is perceived as a historically established complex, and its rich decoration is a frame for the beautiful contents of the halls. The Hermitage is a place that is worth seeing, feeling, even despite the bitter realization that you will never see all three million exhibits.

Day of free visits for all categories of citizens (regardless of age and nationality) - the first Thursday of each month. Photography at the museum is allowed in non-flash mode, except for the Diamond and the Golden Storerooms and temporary expositions. If you stand at least a minute before each exhibit of this grand museum, then 20 years will not be enough to go around everything. Take a walk through the main halls of the Winter Palace: Alexandrovsky, Gerbovy, White marble, Great and Small Throne halls, Gallery of the War of 1812, Malachite lounge, you will see the world-famous Peacock clock and the Hanging Garden.

There are few such people who have never visited a museum at least once in their life. The museum is an institution engaged in the collection, study and storage of monuments of natural history, material and spiritual culture. At first this concept meant a collection of exhibits on art and science, then from a certain period of time, we will not go into details, because no one will remember and consider it necessary to remember, it includes the building where these monuments were located. Now there are a lot of museums, such as: local history, historical, literary, musical, natural science, theater, and so on. With the development of computer technology, virtual museums appeared.

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