Holland tours. Floral river field in Keukenhof. Netherlands vacation

Keukenhof is the Royal Flower Park in the Netherlands, world famous for its tulips

More than a million people visit the Keukenhof every season

In order to understand the true meaning of the word "spring", there is no better place than Keukenhof. It is here that you will see how the world is dissolved, transformed, replete and fragrant. Every year a flower park opens only for two months. The flowering of tulips depends largely on how cold winter and spring will be. This is naturally unpredictable. In the 19th century, these lands belonged to Baron and Baroness Van Pallandt. At their request, the architect Zocher and his son designed the landscape design of the garden around the castle.

The first park grounds of Keukenhof were laid in 1857 using the principles of English park construction. It was decided to grow flowers for commercial purposes in the early 40s of the last century. Then Keukenhof served as an exhibition venue. And after exporters and entrepreneurs organized an exhibition of open-air bulbs and flowers in 1949, the park became a public place. Today, Keukenhof, during the parade, is visited by about 800,000 people. Keukenhof Garden is spread over 32 hectares of land, there grows about 7 million onion plants, of which 4.5 million are tulips.

Because of this, Keukenhof is also called a tulip park. In addition, narcissuses, muscari, hyacinths, hazel grouses, crocuses are also grown here, and 90 species of trees also grow. The park is large, and it will be very disappointing if you miss the wonderful Japanese garden or the pavilion with orchids because you are in a hurry. Keukenhof name is translated not quite romantic and rather even casually - kitchen garden. In the middle of the week there are less visitors than on weekends. Throughout Keukenhof Park there is free wi-fi.

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Holland tours. Floral river field in Keukenhof. Netherlands vacation.
Flowers lift our spirits. Our mood depends on various factors, we cannot control some of them, we can create others ourselves. Including positive music, dining at a beautifully served table or going fishing, we cheer ourselves up. As the scientists found out, the flowers, the one who is given them, are very effective in raising the mood. People who regularly give flowers, get sick less, cope better with stressful situations and live longer - scientists say.

Keukenhof is a world of flowers. The park managers are great entertainers and each year come up with a new theme for the season

The total length of the tracks is 15 km. Sculptures of such masters as Carlo van Kervel, Nick Jonk, Jan Volkers, Andre Volten and others are located along the paths. The park consists of both open-air gardens and greenhouses. Keukenhof is a pedestrian park, it is forbidden to ride bicycles there. The entrance ticket price also includes visits to all greenhouses, mills and toilets.

This flower kingdom is located in the city of Lisse, 34 km from Amsterdam. Keukenhof is rightly called the "garden of Europe", because only here you can see flowers of all shades of the rainbow. A special place is occupied by three covered greenhouses. Pavilion Oranje Nassau. Roses, freesias, calla lilies, gerberas, tulips, carnations, daffodils, irises, chrysanthemums, alstromeria, chrysanthemums grow here. Pavilion Willem-Alexander.

Here you can see hyacinths, lilies, amaryllis, hydrangeas, as well as potted plants. Beatrix. The personal pavilion of the Princess of the Netherlands is located in the northern part of the park. It grows various types of orchids. Helicopter tours are held only three days for the entire season. Limited number of seats. For lovers of boat trips there is an opportunity to purchase a boat tour of the park.

Nature has provided us with a simple way to improve emotional health - these are fresh flowers. The presence of flowers evokes positive emotions, heightens the sense of life satisfaction and affects social behavior, that is affecting us a much greater effect than we think. Flowers are mood improvers. Lightening the mood, according to researchers, flowers affect the general well-being of a person, which in turn strengthens the immune system and health. Flowers cheer men too.

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