Hong Kong tours. Roof top sport complex with swimming pool and tennis courts in downtown. Hong Kong travel. Vacation destinations

Hong Kong is rich in attractions that may be of interest to tourists

Hong Kong is the main financial center of Asia, it is a very lively and modern city that does not look like typical Asian cities

Hong Kong Island is a financial, political and tourist center. Don't expect to find cheap hotels in Hong Kong. "Culinary Capital of the World", "World Food Fair", "Paradise for Gourmets" and other flattering names - it's all about Hong Kong. Despite the rather high price tag, tourists recommend not to skimp and try the masterpieces of the local cuisine. In 2011, the iVenture Card system was launched in Hong Kong. With this tourist map, visitors to the city can visit 15 sites for free or at a substantial discount, take a ride on the cable car and sightseeing bus.

Hong Kong is a dynamic, unusual and modern corner of Asia. No trip to Hong Kong does not go without a visit to the world's largest sitting bronze Buddha - 34 meters in height. Then usually follows Otpor Bay - one of the most beautiful beaches in China. Modern entertainment of the city - "Disneyland", the aquarium, the multimedia show "Symphony of Lights", recorded in the Guinness Book of Records, avenue of movie stars.

What is worth visiting in Hong Kong? Victoria Peak - the best view of Hong Kong from a bird's eye view and the ability to make memorable photos. You will love the funicular road. The international financial center was built to accommodate the offices of major corporations, it is surrounded by pedestrian bridges, from where you can admire the unusual structure. Avenue of Stars or Star Garden is a place where you can see handprints belonging to Asian celebrities and beautiful monuments dedicated to the stars.

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Hong Kong tours. Roof top sport complex with swimming pool and tennis courts in downtown. Hong Kong travel.
Space Museum - one of the best expositions in the world. The Clock Tower - an old tower that was built in the Station building, met immigrants more than 100 years ago. Today, it looks unusual against the background of skyscrapers, what attracts the attention of tourists. And from the embankment near it, it is convenient to watch a nightly laser show, which is held on both banks of the river every day at 20:00.

Gone are the days when the exotic journey to the distant and mysterious Hong Kong was the privilege of agent 007

Here you can find restaurants of Chinese, Thai, Italian, French, Japanese, Mediterranean, Indian, Scandinavian and even Russian cuisines. Inexpensive by Hong Kong standards, food is easier to find, you just have to turn into the alleys and look into small Chinese eateries. Often in them there is a menu in English, you can also focus on the pictures. Sellers often advise what to try. Hong Kong is not a seaside resort, it is a metropolis. Practically in all hotels Internet access is paid and quite expensive. In Hong Kong, there is a ban on smoking in all public places.

Hong Kong is, first of all, one of the leading financial centers of the world. This is a high standard of living, low taxes, good social programs, here you can open any business without any problems. Hong Kong is one of the "Asian tigers" (the "four Asian tigers" are so called the booming economies of Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea). Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China is located on the Jiulong Peninsula, from the west, south and east washed by the South China Sea. Left-hand traffic, so be careful on the roads.

Hong Kong is a state in a state with its own laws, rules and culture. This is the meeting place of the West and the East, where high technologies are combined with the traditional way of life, skyscrapers with fishing villages, and prim shopping centers with chaotic floating markets. Historically, Hong Kong is a former colony of Great Britain, and at present it is a special administrative region of China, which affects tourists and the whole world at the pace of its progress.

For the first time tourists arriving in Hong Kong are surprised by the fact that it is surrounded by highways, which rest on high piles and do not run along the ground. Roads also permeate the mountains, hang under the straits and obscure the city streets. With the mainland city-state is connected by 3 tunnels, laid under the Victoria Strait. The Chinese name of Hong Kong means "fragrant harbor." This epithet of the area received due to the fact that off the coast of the island was a stormy trade in aromatic spices and incense. In local dialects, the name of the harbor sounded like "Hong Gong", - it was fixed to the island in 1842.

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