House with Chimaeras, Kiev

Unique building with unusual architecture, rich decor of facades and interiors

The house with chimeras was built in 1902-1903 by the architect Vladislav Gorodetsky

The style of construction is modern. The house has a different level of floors: on Bankova Street, he will appear in front of a three-story observer, and if you look from the theater - six-story. According to the creative idea of the author - a hunter who dreamed of visiting a real African safari - the House with Chimeras is a metaphorical image of an African mountain with a waterfall and a lake. Anyone who has seen numerous sculptural groups of the house in the form of elephants, giraffes, gazelles, pythons and fish will easily agree with this statement. Being inside the house, the visitor seems to fall to the bottom of a mountain lake: tentacles of an octopus descend from the ceiling in the lobby, and the interroom space is plowed by fish. Yes, and the location of the house on a steep cliff only reinforces the impression that this is not a house, but a certain mountain range, a hill.

The house with chimeras has become Gorodetsky's unique busines card - all the imagination and skill of the architect is displayed in the design. Despite the high cost, there was no end to those who wanted to live here. This is not surprising: the house included six apartments of 8-10 rooms, patios and an alpine slide, a cowshed with cows, so that every inhabitant of the house could drink coffee with fresh cream or milk in the morning.

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House with Chimaeras, Kiev

The house with chimeras in Kiev, like many sights, is shrouded in legends

One legend says that before leaving the house after selling it, Gorodetsky cursed him, saying that everyone living here would be unhappy, and only the descendants of the architect could live here peacefully and joyfully. Some townspeople believe that the curse has come true in part: all the offices that rented premises here have gone bankrupt, and their funds have disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

The house was built in such a way that the very first rays illuminated at the beginning of the servants' room, which, of course, needed to wake up before anyone else. Towards noon, when the architect began work, the sun's rays generously illuminated the office. The most beautiful or fancy buildings of the world fascinate and fascinate tourists with their intricate shapes and configurations. Undoubtedly, these architectural structures deserve the highest praise and special attention.

At first glance, this house seems eerie because of chimeras, toads, lizards and other living creatures, which decorate it in abundance. You look at it and do not understand how it was possible to stuff so much at once in the design of one building. Inside - the same beauty: monsters, tails, fangs, claws and other attributes of nightmares.

As it is known, architecture is frozen music, and, therefore, architects are great composers who have mastered the mastery of creating architectural masterpieces. Only instead of notes, they use building materials, superbly combining the functional, technical and aesthetic properties of their creations. Behind all the great buildings people stand, many people. But one of the main roles in the choice of the image, decoration and functionality of the building is played by the architect.

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