Ibiza vacations. Restaurant with sea view in front of Es Vedra. Ibiza tours, Spain vacations

Ibiza is the third largest island of the Balearic archipelago. Weekend adventure ideas.

The climate in Ibiza is simply amazing. From April to October, the air temperature does not fall below 25 degrees, and from July to October the water temperature can reach 26 degrees

The heat in Ibiza does not happen, because a cool breeze is blowing from the sea. Ibiza is located in the subtropical zone, and nature is rich and beautiful: many olive groves, lush pines and palm trees. Sea voyage with the cleanest beaches and azure sea. Active tourist routes around the corners of the island. Huge rock Es Vedra, this is an unusually beautiful and mysterious place.

Ibiza has 18 kilometers of beaches. The most popular ones are Talamanca, Figueretas, An-Bossa and Cavalet, the most famous one is the large Sas Salinas beach (the first nudist beach that appeared on the island). The sights of Ibiza will be quite enough to not get bored in the intervals between the beach, lunch and dinner. In addition to the fact that Ibiza nature has awarded beautiful beaches and views, there are also natural parks. The nearby island of Formentera is a magical sea tale. Ibiza is probably the best place for diving throughout Europe. Rich sea life and warm water, what else is needed? This place is perfect for beginners and will not let the diving professionals get bored.

The Balearic Islands are located in the western part of the Mediterranean at an approximately equal distance from the Iberian Peninsula, southern France and northern Africa. The four main islands of the Balearic are Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera.

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Ibiza vacations. Restaurant with sea view in front of Es Vedra. Ibiza tours, Spain vacations.
Holidays in Spain are always accompanied by gastronomic discoveries. National cuisine is characterized by an abundance of seafood, vegetables, fruits and a variety of dishes. Each province is proud of its culinary traditions and signature recipes. But there are products without which it is impossible to imagine the Spanish meal: olives and olive oil, tomatoes, fresh fish, seafood, red wine, garlic, onions, peppers, greens. Dishes, for the most part, are very simple to prepare and are prepared for a short time, and this is a sign of a light and healthy kitchen. Typically Spanish treats are ham, cold tomato soup "gazpacho" and "paella" - a dish of rice and seafood. And in each village paella is prepared in its own way.

Since ancient times, Ibiza Island has attracted conquerors and pirates, just like in adventure novels

The history of the first Carthaginian settlements on it dates back to the 7th century BC. The Romans replaced the Karfagenians, then the Arabs, the Visigoths, and finally the Catalans. Each of these peoples left a mark on the history and culture of the island. In Ibiza, every new day is a holiday, because a holiday on this island is no longer just an event, but a state of mind of all who live there and who come to relax and have fun at this resort.

Ibiza in the summer is not to sleep until dawn, and swim and dance on a hot beach in the morning. Yes, it is to dance, nobody will let you sleep there, since music and DJs in Ibiza are present on almost all famous beaches around the clock. The first dish that comes to mind to try on Ibiza is paella. On this island there are several thousand species of different paella with seafood and chicken and just with squid.

This is a truly summer, beach, bright dish that is perfect for dinner for the whole family. Club season opens in early June and lasts until the end of September. The first opens, as a rule, Es Paradis - in the last days of May, then Space - on the first Sunday of June, in a week - Amnesia. Popular Cream and Manumission parties begin in the third or fourth week of June.

Since the beginning of September, the business is going to close the season, although the most persistent clubbers come off until the end of the month. Pacha and El Divino are open all year round. Ibiza is the most fashionable resort in Europe. Sun, sea, freedom, round-the-clock fun, tanned bodies - all this is on Ibiza, a wonderful island in the Mediterranean, which is part of the Balearic archipelago and belongs to Spain.

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