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Iguazu consists of 275 waterfalls and is located at the junction of the states of Argentina and Brazil

Iguazu Falls is one of the greatest natural phenomena in the world

Contemplation of the waterfalls fascinates, conquering a simple mortal man with his eternal beauty. All this magnificence is located in the wilderness environment, inside the National Reserve of the same name. Seeing the incredible wonder of nature, it seems that the Earth opened up and 275 cascades of a horseshoe-shaped waterfall, 5 kilometers wide and 90 meters high, fall into this gigantic crevice. You can visit the waterfall all year round.

Iguazu National Park is located just 18 km from the city of Puerto Iguazu and 7 km from the airport. With its nature and climate, Iguazu Park is reminiscent of the tropics of the Amazonian forests. The forests here are multi-level, the highest level of tree crowns is called "canopy", below - a few more "steps" of lower trees. At the lowest level of shrubs and grasses, various types of yerba mate grow, of which brews popular tea in Argentina. Orchids grow right on the trunks of trees.

Waterfalls can be viewed not only from above and from the side, but even from below or from within. To do this, you need to choose one of two options: either walk along wooden walkways along a special route into the depths of the cascade, or try to get close to the collapsing multi-ton mass of water in rubber boats. This extreme attraction is called "Macuco Safari".

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Iguazu Falls tours. South America travel. Brazil vacations. Argentina tourism. Paraguay trip.

In addition to the waterfalls themselves, undoubted pride of the park is also the richest flora and fauna

You can not only enjoy the magnificent views of the local nature, but also explore the lives of birds and mammals, such as tapirs, capuchins and noses Also, people can go on a water safari to the waterfall itself (and sometimes well beyond it). Waterfalls were formed after a strong volcanic eruption, as a result of which a large crevice formed in the ground.

The age of basaltic deposits formed due to solidification of lava is about 130-140 million years ago. The height of the largest waterfalls from 60 to 80 meters. The largest waterfall, Devil's Throat, is a horseshoe-shaped precipice 700 meters long and 150 meters wide. Solo travel - great holidays for singles. Iguazu Falls is one of the world's largest attractions.

Tourists from all over the world aspire to the Iguacu Falls. Hotel Das Cataratas is the only hotel located in the territory of the Iguazu National Park, and having a good location: just a minute walk to the waterfall. The hotel is decorated in colonial style, on its territory there are beautiful gardens, terraces and there are two swimming pools.

Iguazu Falls is undoubtedly one of the most attractive places on Earth, and most likely precisely because this majestic monument of nature is surrounded, we can say, with a virgin landscape of a primeval dense forest. It is most gratifying that the Brazilian and Argentine governments have declared the entire area a national park. Even hotels on both banks of the river do not violate the overall pictorial paintings, but they give the tired tourist a great opportunity to have a good rest.

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