Fishing India vacations. Fishing boat at sunset on the background of the fantastic sky. India tours. Winter vacation ideas and destinations

From India you can bring a variety of souvenirs and gifts. Best family weekend getaways for all ages.

At the end of October, the most favorable period comes to visit Goa, North and Central India, as well as some southern regions of the country. The tourist season will last until the May holidays

Fishing is a great opportunity to get away from the bustle of the city and some life problems and merge with nature. In India, fishing is an affordable and widespread form of outdoor activities. That, in general, is not surprising, because the territory of the country is literally dotted with many rivers, the banks are washed by ocean and sea waters. Here the angler is given the opportunity to try his luck in three types of fishing: sea, deep-sea in the ocean, as well as fishing on the rivers.

In those states that have a sea coast, you can try sea fishing. You can negotiate with local fishermen and rent a boat and simple gear. Fishing in the Indian Ocean basically comes down to coral fishing and trolling. Coral fishing - fishing at shallow depths in coral reefs. Catch - coral trout, parrot fish, grouper, snepper. Deep-sea trolling is more laborious, but the catch here is much richer. Trolling catch barracuda, mackerel, anxiety, marlin, mahi-mahi, giant caracas, sailfish, swordfish, tuna. In the ocean, the water is very clean, and many tributaries perfectly create excellent conditions for fishing. Also in the huge number of lakes available in the country, there are a large number of places where you can perfectly fish.

In India, on holiday, besides monotonous staying on the beaches and going around a multitude of shops in search of unusual souvenirs, tourists can visit a lot of interesting places as part of excursions organized for tourists. And for lovers of outdoor activities have the opportunity to go fishing for every taste. Fishing at all times was a great pastime, a break from the worries associated with city life, the opportunity to be alone with nature and feel like an inseparable part of it. In India, fishing is a widely available recreation for locals and tourists.

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Fishing India vacations. Fishing boat at sunset on the background of the fantastic sky. India tours.
The territory of the country is quite densely saturated with many rivers. In addition, the length of the sea coast of the country is more than 7000 kilometers. Fishing lovers have the opportunity to try their hand at three types of fishing: marine, underwater and river. Due to the warm climate, the fishing season in India lasts all year round. It is also necessary to note that literally everyone is engaged in fishing in this country. Moreover, many people earn their living by this.

Sea fishing in Indian Kerala. The Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea and the rivers of the country are inhabited by a wide variety of fish

Not everywhere you can just throw the tackle into the water and fish. In India, as in other countries, there are places that are designed for free fishing. But also, there are reservoirs that are under state protection and where a fishing license is required. To easily do your favorite business, you must take care of all the necessary documents. In India, fishing is one of the main sources of income.

Kerapa is considered a great fishing spot. The Andaman Islands, which are located in the Bay of Bengal, are also great for fishing. A unique tectonic plate break that cuts the Indian Ocean into hundreds of islands with active volcanoes from Indonesia to Burma. There to catch black and huge blue marlin. Often also found a huge perch and Spanish Mackerel, along with yellowfin tuna.

The relief of the bottom is so varied that there are places where a hundred meters from the coast the depth is already 1200 meters, and the depths between the neighboring islands sometimes reach 3500 meters - this makes the Andamans one of the best places left on the planet for trophy fishing. Due to specific depth drops, as well as a ban of local authorities on industrial fishing, we can safely say that this is not just a place where a lot of fish come from the ocean to feed, but you can call this place "Fish House" - the place where it lives. A huge field for action professional fisherman. That is why the Andamans are called "Fishing Paradise.".

In India, they speak 21 languages (there are more than 1600 dialects in the country) and still observe the caste system. A cow in India is a sacred animal, for causing damage to which large fines are possible. In India, there are no New Year holidays at all - they rest only on January 1, but there are as many as 27 official holidays in the country. Only the poorest people are engaged in fishing. Most fishermen use tackles that were used back in ancient times.

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