Indian tropics vacation

Vacation on the shores of the Indian Ocean

Nothing for the tourist can be compared with the living power of the ocean surf

Do you agree? Then go on holiday to one of the ten best resorts on the shores of the Indian, Atlantic or Pacific Oceans. The beach and the sea for many embody the perfect vacation spot. But this vacation becomes much more impressive if the beach is on the ocean shore. It is difficult to explain in words how the rest on the ocean coast differs from the rest on the sea. The sand and the edge of the water, of course, are similar, but in the ocean the water is fresher, the wind is stronger and the expanses are larger. And you can see all this with your own eyes in dozens of countries around the world.

Goa is a hippie mecca in India, where young people come from all over the world. Palolem beach is a paradise and at the same time the most popular tourist destination. Relax on this wonderful sandy beach, decorated with palm trees, is considered fashionable, as a youth. The atmosphere of Goa has to relax. Cocos Islands - an atoll in the Indian Ocean near Australia. Almost all the motu atoll there are good beaches of different quality. Tourists will love boat tours of the many islands and sandbanks of the lagoon. The Keeling Islands are a popular destination for ocean yacht owners, as they are favorably located on the way from Bali to Mauritius.

Maldives: Banyan Tree, Cocoa Island, Nika and Soneva beaches. Tourists who get to the Maldives, have the opportunity to relax on one of the nearly one hundred uninhabited tiny islands in the Indian Ocean. These places are famous not only for good beaches, but also for excellent conditions for snorkeling and diving in the waters of the ocean. Alifu Alifu (North Ari atoll) - a group of islands to the west of Male - the capital of the Maldives. There are not many good luxury hotels here, but there are several local islands with excellent beaches, the most interesting of which are Todd, Feridu and Ukulhas.

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Indian tropics vacation
Mauritius: Flic en Flac, Trou aux Biches and Paradis beaches. The shores of Mauritius are famous for coral sand and luxury hotels. From all sides, the island is protected by coral reefs, so that near the beach the water is always clear and calm, which creates ideal conditions for diving and yachting. Laccadives - Islands of India, which are a geological continuation of the Maldives. Here are the same beautiful beaches and the Muslim population. Foreigners are required to obtain permission in advance to visit the islands.

Tropical islands for perfect holidays

Idyllic beaches, gentle warm sea, paradise landscapes and endless sun: these are just a few of the main components of a perfect tropical vacation. Each tourist destination has its own unique charm. Some resorts impress with their natural beauty, others with cultural sights, exotic traditions, architecture and delicious cuisine. Addition will be exotic adventures and rich wildlife, fragrant coral reefs and beautiful waves for surfing.

Seychelles: beaches Anse Volbert and Praslin. The delightful shores of the Seychelles are covered with the finest clean sand, washed by the calm waters of the Indian Ocean and decorated with granite rocks and takamaka branchy trees. Almost all hotels are small private resorts designed for family holidays. Praslin (Praslin) - the best island in the Seychelles. There are not too many attractions, but the beaches are excellent. The only significant attraction is the May Valley (Vallee de Mai) in the center of the island.

Baa Atoll - the best atoll in the Maldives. The most important thing here is super-beaches, with white sand, palm trees, clear, calm water and no crowds of tourists. With that both on islands-resorts, and on residential islands. In addition, there is Hanifaru Bay (Hanifaru Bay), which is an outstanding place for diving and snorkeling. It is possible to visit Hanifaru Bay even if you have an extremely limited budget. Mauritius (Mauritius) - a prestigious tourist island in the Indian Ocean. However, recently a certain development has been received by budget tourism. Contrary to popular belief, the beaches of Mauritius are not so good. Nature also gives way to neighboring Reunion and Seychelles.

Neil Island is a small island located near Port Blair, the capital of the Andaman Islands. Compared to the popular island of Havelock, there are slightly better beaches and far fewer people. Reunion is a French island in the Indian Ocean. There are tropical beaches, however, a beach holiday is not the strongest side of this place. The island is valuable in the first place beautiful mountain gorges, overgrown with lush vegetation. There are many trails here, and walks in the mountains are deservedly popular with tourists. In addition, Reunion is the real France, so it's safe and comfortable here.

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