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In Indonesia, there are 17,804 islands, each of which has a beautiful coast and attracts tourists with its beautiful beaches

Indonesia is considered to be the best country for a beach holiday, because its islands are located on both sides of the equatorial line. Each island is unique, so choose the coast depending on personal preferences. There are several archipelagoes in the country. Some of them are surrounded by coral reefs, while others are surrounded by jungles, inhabited by a variety of animals.

The best picturesque beaches for holidays in Indonesia are: Kay - located in the province of Maluku and its landscapes reminiscent of Eden. The seabed is flat, the sand is soft and snow-white, and the water has an azure color. Raja Ampat - characterized by lush greenery and tropical plants. The beach is surrounded by a variety of coral reefs, where you can meet more than 200 representatives of the marine flora and fauna. Bintan - located on the Riau Archipelago. The beach is covered with white sand, washed by crystal clear water and surrounded by jungle. Mapur is located in the northeast of Bank Island. The coast stretches for several kilometers and is located in a paradise bay where waves do not fall. The ocean on the beach has an emerald green color, and the picturesque landscape is complemented by huts in which you can hide during the day.

Pink Beach is Indonesia's famous pink beach, which is located on Komodo Island, Nusa Tenggara Province. It is famous for its stone desert landscapes. Here live monitor lizards, which are the largest in Southeast Asia. Nusa Lembongan - located near Bali, but differs from the famous resort in nature. Here the water has a bright emerald color. Mentawai - are uninhabited islands where you feel like Robinson Crusoe. The beaches resemble a heavenly place from the Bounty commercials. Medan Beach in Indonesia - a small coast with warm water and calm sea. There are umbrellas, sun beds and water rides.

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Indonesia is an exotic country located along the equator and washed by the Indian Ocean

Indonesia is a big country. Because of its size, you need to plan your trip properly in order to have a good time after seeing the best Indonesia has to offer. There are beaches for swimming and sunbathing, for surfing and diving. The coast can also have a different color of sand and water. Indonesia has a large number of volcanoes, so many islands have a black coast.

In Indonesia, as in any tropical country, there are two seasons - wet and dry. The best time is the dry season, which lasts from May to October. The peak of the season is August. The cuisine in Indonesia is simple and unobtrusive. The main products are rice, chicken, eggs, fruits. The main "folk" dishes are nosi-goreng (Nosi Goreng, fried rice with vegetables) and Sate Ayam (Sate Ayam, rice with small chicken skewers on skewers). For breakfast, banana pancake (banana pancake), beer - Bintang.

Kuta is a resort town in the south of the Indonesian island of Bali. Once it was a impoverished fishing village teeming with evil spirits (as the locals say, in fact, no one checked), in the 60s Kuta was chosen by hippies, and today it is one of the most popular holiday destinations among young people. The coast is built up mainly of budget hotels, bars and discos at every turn, inexpensive Vietnamese restaurants, low prices for any entertainment, excellent surfing conditions, and local beaches and sunsets are truly heavenly beauty.

The main advantages of Kuta Beach, found at the beginning of the 70s by surfing lovers, are a wide, gentle beach and rumbling surf. The wave here is never too big - most often it's just "lambs" near the shore. But the beaches here are dirtier compared to Nusa Dua. Kuta is considered one of the best places to surf in all of Indonesia. In addition, sandy beaches and the lack of cliffs make this place extremely convenient for beginners.

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