Iran travel. Wind Tower, Borujerdi House, Kashan. Iran tourism

Mansions of ancient merchants. Badgir, ancient air conditioner.

The main attractions of Kashan. Traditional house Boroujerdi in Kashan

In the XVIII-XIX centuries these large mansions built rich merchants for their families. Several Earthquakes destroyed houses to the ground, but they were later restored, and now two of them have national museums: in Amarich's house and Abbasi's house. The latter, by the way, is the largest of all the mansions: there are already 6 courtyards with pools here. Inside the mansion is very beautiful, in one of the rooms there is a ceiling made of mirror pieces, the room is dark, a candle is burning, and it seems that there is no stone slab overhead, but a real starry sky. The house also has a secret passage in case of fire or enemy attack, so that you can quickly and safely escape.

The house of Tabatabai is famous for very beautiful mosaic windows, and in the mansion Boroujerdi there are tall towers that catch the wind and cool it, thereby conditioning the indoor air. This house is called a masterpiece of Persian architecture, it was built as much as 18 years.

The story of the house Boroujerdi is the story of vanity. The house is built for a merchant named Seyed Hassan Natanzi. The fact is that the family of the bride Seyed belonged to another luxury house in Kashan - the House of Tabatabai, created by the same architect. And the condition of the bride's family for marriage consent was building for her at home as well as her own.

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Iran travel. Wind Tower, Borujerdi House, Kashan. Iran tourism.

Windcatcher. Badgirs - ancient air conditioners that are more efficient than modern

While we all suffer from the heat and live only at the expense of air conditioners and fans, for a couple of thousand years there is a device that is so efficient that it makes tolerable even life in the desert and cools the water almost to freezing temperature. Badgirs are Persian windcatchers that turn houses in the desert into a cool dwelling. In addition, they are not devoid of exotic aesthetics and coarse grace.

No one knows for sure when the Badgirs appeared, but in Iran they are already being built for more than two thousand years. Similar structures were in the ancient Egyptians. They are not for nothing called windcatchers. The task of the badgir is to catch the slightest wind from the surface and, due to the pressure difference, direct it down through the entire thickness of the building.

At the same time, badgir is not just a hood. Due to their size and location in the heart of the building, they constantly cool its surfaces. Heat from the walls is transmitted to the breaking wind and also comes out. They are surprisingly effective: they are still being built in the desert regions of Iran - modern air conditioners simply cannot cope here. In addition to ridding homes of hellish heat, badgirs were used to cool ganates, that is, underground canals and water storage facilities. The effectiveness in this case was so great that the water in the storage facilities was cooled almost to the freezing temperature - it was icy in the very heart of the desert. The windcatchers can be very different and each architect tried to give them a unique look.

The heir to the luxury of the Persian Empire, Iran blooms in front of the traveler blue domes and jugs, openwork on the medieval walls and intricate patterns of precious fabrics, the shine of Shah's jewels and silk silk overflows. Contradictory, but attractive, hospitable, but harsh - this country has been for the first century concerned with the minds and hearts of tourists. Iran has the greatest historical heritage, magnificent natural landscapes, the richest cuisine and exquisite objects of national art - and in order to know everything, definitely not enough is not only a standard tourist visit, but also a lifetime.

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