Israel tours. The holy city Jerusalem. Israel travel

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The capital of Israel is one of the ancient cities, which was mentioned as early as 2300 BC

Three religions have found shelter in it - Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The old city of Jerusalem itself is a museum exhibition in the open, but this does not prevent it from seething with a human anthill. In Jerusalem, the distant past is not covered with the dust of centuries, but is closely intertwined with the present.

Tours to Jerusalem are very diverse in prices and tourist program. You can visit sacred places or just relax by wandering through the streets where Christ's foot once walked, touch a cultural heritage or just go to the beach for half a day. All this and much more gives its guests the famous ancient city of Jerusalem. Planning your trip to Jerusalem should be in advance, you should consider how popular this city is for believers during the holidays. It is worth remembering the large number of tourists and pilgrims visiting the country on such great holidays.

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Israel tours. The holy city Jerusalem. Israel travel.

This is the real cradle of religions, a sacred place for many, which has caused many religious conflicts

Israel is the cradle of the three great religions of the world. For believers, Israel is a holy land, because it is here that the famous buildings, historical monuments and entire localities are concentrated, considered by the supporters of world religions as holy places. This land has become holy for Christians, Muslims and Jews, for all the most significant historical events of these most common religions took place here.

Israel is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The vast majority of tourists go to Jerusalem. Little known, but no less interesting, tours of underground Jerusalem. The ancient walls, which remember the Israeli kings and crusaders, tunnels, in which time stood still - all this is imbued with mysticism and mystery. Jerusalem hotels have a high level of service. When planning a trip, it is necessary to take into account the fact that in the afternoon on Friday and on Saturday the city completely freezes.

The history of Israel is full of dates and names, and originates from the fact that the Jewish people settled in Israel in the thirteenth century BC. And 200 years later, the Kingdom of Israel was formed, which broke up in 928 BC into Israel and Judea. In 722 BC The Assyrians conquered the kingdom of Israel, in 586 BC. The kingdom of Judah was captured by the Babylonian ruler Nebuchadnezzar. After 47 years, Israel became part of the Achaemenid state. In 332 BC The country was captured by Alexander the Great.

In the III century BC Israel became part of the Hellenistic state of the Seleucids. A century later, the Maccabean wars began - the population fought against forced Hellenization. In 63 BC Roman legionnaires conquered the territory of Israel. And already in the year 6 of the birth of Christ, the country turned into a Roman province - Palestine. After 60 years, the eight-year Jewish war began. The people rebelled against the Romans, but were defeated. Rome continued to dominate the country. You can learn the continuation of this story directly while traveling to Israel.

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