Italy travel. Rome tours. Saint Peter's Square at night. Vatican tours

Two places in the Vatican attract especially many tourists. This is the Cathedral of St. Peter and the Vatican Museums

The ceremonial entrance to the city of the Popes begins with the gigantic St. Peter's Square, you will see in front of you the stern guards of the Pope's rest - huge columns above which are monuments of one hundred and forty saints and martyrs for the Christian faith

The foundation of St. Peter's Cathedral is the burial of Christ's favorite disciple, Peter. The cathedral simply shakes the imagination of any traveler not only in size but also in beauty: both inside and outside you will see numerous masterpieces of architecture: the marble sculptures of Christ, his apostles, monuments to statesmen, majestic tombstones, there is Michelangelo's famous "Pieta". Studying museums alone can take a whole day. For tourists in museums only a small part of the treasury of world art is put on display - some rooms are closed for visitors. St. Peter's Cathedral deserves a separate careful study. The most curious can climb to the very top of the dome of St. Peter.

The Vatican is a very popular destination for tourists. There is no charge for visiting St. Peter's Cathedral, it is available for those who wish during the whole day (unless the entire Vatican is fully closed). In the Vatican Grottoes you can see the tombs of the popes and many royals, as well as some works of art. You can get into the grottoes from the Cathedral of St. Peter.

The churches are open from early morning until 12.00 or 12.30, then they close for 2-3 hours, reopen after the "siesta" and work until 19.00 or even later. The main cathedrals and basilicas are open all day, but more often the individual work schedule. It should be borne in mind that most of the Vatican's temples and structures are functioning, so attempts to enter any premises without the approval of the administration can be harshly suppressed by gendarmes or guardsmen.

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Italy travel. Rome tours. Saint Peter Square at night. Vatican tours
If you have the opportunity to see only one city in Italy, then let it be Rome, great, multifaceted, at the same time noisy and cozy, recognizable and not completely known. Going here for 2-3 days if you are traveling for the first time both to the city and to the country is not a good idea. A week is the amount of time that can be considered adequate.

Despite the formal status of the city-state, the border between Italy and the Vatican is very conditional and you can cross it freely

Numerous exhibits in the halls of the Vatican museums cover a huge historical period. Antiquity, Renaissance, Baroque and even modern religious art are represented here in full and magnificence. Collections of outstanding works of art gathered over the centuries. The halls in the Vatican Museums are arranged in such a way that visitors consistently go all the way through the numerous collections of the most valuable works of art to one of the most desirable places - the Sistine Chapel.

The Sistine Chapel is perhaps the most famous landmark of the Vatican. The name of the chapel is associated with the name of Pope Sixt V, who was the customer of the construction of the chapel, which served as the home church. The chapel is famous, first of all, for its paintings, in which the genius of Michelangelo is so clearly manifested.

A special impression on visitors is provided by the ceiling painting, which is a whole cycle of frescoes on biblical scenes, as well as an altar wall painting, illustrating The Last Judgment. In addition, such masters of the Renaissance as Botticelli, Ghirlandaio and Perugino worked on the design of the chapel. Examining churches during religious ceremonies is not recommended. It is necessary to prepare in advance a sufficient amount of 50 cent coins for machines that turn on the lighting of church interiors. To view the painting on the ceilings and domes of churches conveniently through binoculars. On excursions it is recommended to use soft sports shoes, since usually you have to walk a lot.

When you visit the Cathedral of St. Peter in the Vatican should be borne in mind that this is a temple, which for millions of people is a shrine. Therefore, here, as in other basilicas, a dress code is in effect - knees and shoulders should be covered. In shorts and mini-skirts do not go to the Vatican Museums. Pilgrims most often visit the Vatican during religious holidays such as Christmas or Easter, or during important events, such as the election of the pope. Tourism is one of the main sources of income in the Vatican economy. Although the Vatican area is only 44 hectares, in 2007, for example, about 4.3 million people visited the Vatican museums.

Italy certainly will not be included in the list of budget countries. Neither for life, nor for travel. But, knowing some tricks, you can avoid unnecessary expenses. If the ideal vacation for you involves visiting paid attractions, carefully plan your visit. From time to time, almost all museums arrange days when anyone can get acquainted with the exposition absolutely free of charge. In Italy, this is the first Sunday of every month.

In Italy, bed and breakfast options are especially popular - these are private hotels with only a few rooms. They are usually managed by the property owners themselves. The prices in them are more affordable, since there is no huge restaurant, fitness, the usual infrastructure of large hotels. But these bed and breakfast accommodations are located in the most unusual and interesting places.

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