Jamaica tours Ocho Rios. Large cruise ship being refueled. Ocean liner Ocho Rios Jamaica cruise

Ocho Rios is the second most popular cruise port in Jamaica (after Mo Bay). Trip ideas: vacations, tours and getaways.

Ocho Rios is located in the center of northern Jamaica, on the shores of Discovery Bay, 105 km from Montego Bay Airport. The resort area consists of a chain of beaches, coves, capes, small old towns and fishing villages

Tourists from all over the world tend to visit the shores of the Caribbean. Ocho Rios is famous for its magnificent beaches, one of which is James Bond Beach. Here you will find ideal conditions for a wonderful holiday on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. The main beach of Ocho Rios is the long coast of Turtle Beach, stretching east of the Turtle Towers condominiums to the Renaissance Jamaica Grande Resort.

Negril Beach is located in the western part of the island. This is not only the "beach number 1" of Jamaica, but also one of the ten best beaches in the world. Its length is more than 10 km. In addition to Negril, the best beaches in Jamaica belong to the resort of Ocho Rios, which is located in the north of the island. James Bond Beach is considered the most famous of them. It got its name due to the fact that one of the famous Bond film was filmed here. Tuttle Beach, located next to the main street of the city and has a crescent shape. The length of the coastline - half a kilometer. The sand is snow-white, the entrance to the water is shallow, so the beach is popular with holidaymakers with children. Despite the fact that Negril and the beaches of Ocho Rios are considered the best on the island, superiority among the resorts of Jamaica still holds Montego Bay. It is here that most of the entertainment centers, recreation areas, night clubs, restaurants are located.

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Jamaica tours Ocho Rios. Large cruise ship being refueled. Ocean liner Ocho Rios Jamaica cruise.

The excellent Reggae Museum, fun nightlife and an abundance of concerts, three quiet and charming parks on the hill, as well as a whole series of hotels and guesthouses make Ocho Rios a really good place to stay

Active vacationers in Ocho Rios are engaged in water sports, tennis and golf, as well as equestrian sports. From here you can take a tour of the existing plantation, go down the river, climb the famous Dunns River Falls or visit the Fern Valley. The northern region of Jamaica is Ocho Rios is located on the coast of Discovery Bay. This resort is very large and attractive, consisting of numerous beaches, cozy coves and stone capes.

Here you can visit the amazing waterfalls, which are a real natural decoration of the city. January 6, the whole country celebrates the birthday of Bob Marley - a famous musician who founded such a trend of music as reggae. During this holiday music festivals are held in Jamaica, where songs of this famous artist are performed.

Like the national cuisine of any country, the cuisine of Jamaica has its own characteristics. Among the features of the Jamaican cuisine is the presence of thick and fragrant meat and fish broths (sometimes with the addition of fruit), which are often used as a sauce in the side dishes. Chicken dishes deserve special attention. This is perhaps one of the most popular and favorite tourist gastronomic highlights of Jamaica.

Spicy snacks made from dough, vegetables, rum, beer, tea and flour confectionery are very common. Lovers of exotic tastes like an oranger, a hybrid of orange and mandarin, and coal - a mixture of mandarin and grapefruit. For supporters of vegetarian food in Jamaica, there is Rastafarian food, which is based on dishes from vegetables and cereals without the use in the process of cooking meat and dairy products and salt.

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