Israel travel. A view of Temple Mount in Jerusalem, including the Western Wall and golden Dome of the Rock. Israel tourism

Travel to Israel. Jerusalem - impressions have no limits.

Of great importance for the three world religions is the Temple Mount in Jerusalem

The holy land of modern Israel has long attracted travelers, pilgrims, and just curious people who want to see the places where biblical events took place. Every year it is visited by many believers. Mount Moriah is mentioned in many sacred books as the place from which the creation of the world began. It was there that the cornerstone was located - the foundation of the universe. The creation of Adam and the birth of his sons, the first appearance of land after the Flood - all this has to do with Mount Moriah.

A long time ago, there were two great and, without exaggeration, legendary Temples in Israel - the First Jerusalem Temple and the Temple of Solomon. They were built next to each other and made up what is now indicated by historical literature, as a complex of the Temple Mount. From the same literature, one can learn that nothing left of the two temples, except legends and ruins in the western part of the mountain, long before the birth of Christ.

The first religious buildings on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem were built by order of King Solomon, but they were destroyed. The next temple was built by Herod. The buildings differed from each other and had different shrines. After the burning of the temple by King Titus, only the western wall remained, which is now considered the most ancient and sacred for the Jews. In the middle of the 16th century, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem was crowned with a mosque built by Suleiman the Magnificent. In the central part of its courtyard is a rock from which the prophet Muhammad ascended. The place is considered sacred and is not affected by buildings.

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Israel travel. A view of Temple Mount in Jerusalem, including the Western Wall and golden Dome of the Rock. Israel tourism
The whole territory of the State of Israel can be called an open-air museum. This and archaeological excavations and buildings, monuments of antiquity, natural heritage. The sights of Israel are many, but each of them has its own unique history. The age of thousands of years.

Jerusalem old city and Temple Mount

The Wailing Wall, the Western Wall or Kotel Maaravi are all the names of one holy place for the Jews in Jerusalem. The Wailing Wall on today's Israel's map is all that remains of a temple complex once restored by Herod, called the Second Jerusalem Temple. The original name of this place means only the "western wall". Geographically, it is located on Mount Moriah, today is no longer a very large elevation in Old Jerusalem, but at the time of the writing of the Covenants, that is, long before the advent of our era, it really was a real mountain.

How miraculously this fragment survived after deliberate destruction by the Roman troops in the year 70 of the Second Temple is now impossible to say. But the fact that it survived and still stands strengthens the ancient Jewish legend, telling that God himself promised Solomon that it was the western wall that would never be destroyed.

In today's Jerusalem, the Wailing Wall is not only a landmark, not only a place where you need to write a note to make your cherished wish come true, the Wall is the main Jewish shrine, a place of mass pilgrimage for believers, the flow of which does not stop even for one day a year. The Wall has its value not only for the Jews, it is sacred for Muslims, because it was here that Muhammad ascended (at the top of the mountain is the most famous mosque in the Middle East, inside there is a stone from which the prophet ascended), is sacred for Christians; events of the Pentateuch and Covenants. The Al-Aqsa Mosque is the third largest mosque in Islam after the Al-Haram Mosque in Mecca and the Mosque of the Prophet in Medina.

All travelers who have come here, even non-pilgrims who dream of visiting their holy sites, admire the ancient and religious landmarks of Jerusalem. The history of several religions is preserved in Jerusalem of Israel for thousands of years. The ancient city is associated with Christianity, Islam and Judaism. If the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem is an ambiguous object, someone sees in it only evidence of history, someone sees a panacea and hope, but for someone it's an ordinary place for prayer, then literally a couple of steps away it's a completely unique object - Western Wall Tunnel. This is a place of excavation, here you can order a tour, here you can see the buildings of the times of King Solomon and even earlier, with proven scientific dating.

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