Jilin Winter, China. One of the wonders of China is frost in Jilin

Winter in Northern China

Jilin City is a famous cultural and historical city and the recognized national garden city of China

Jilin is one of the oldest cities in northeastern China. About 2 thousand years ago, the place of modern Jilin was the capital of Manchuria and it was one of the first cities in China, then called Puyo. There are many attractions in Jilin City, and they are interesting not only to tourists and visitors to the city, but also to the residents of China, who enjoy visiting these unique places. In China, there are many wonderful, unusual and surprising.

One of the wonders in China is in the provincial northern city of Jilin. He is famous for his hoarfrost. But not the usual hoarfrost, but quite extraordinary. Frost on the trees of Jilin City is a truly fascinating sight. Frost in the Chinese city of Jilin is called one of the four wonders of China. This may seem strange - what is wonderful in the ordinary hoarfrost? In an ordinary, perhaps nothing, but hoarfrost in Jilin is such a beautiful phenomenon that you cannot call it anything other than magic. These mysterious and wonderful landscapes make a provincial city in northeastern China a wonderful place.

Jilin City, the former capital, is almost completely surrounded by the Songhua River. In the first place is the religious heritage in Beishan Park. Temple Guandi is made in the tradition of dao. He has 3 halls dedicated to the god of prosperity and good luck, Cai Shen, the healing of Yao Wang, the patron saint of warriors, Guan-di. Pavilion of the jade sovereign Yui - Huang looks like a small building with columns, but demonstrates the greatness of the heavenly palace. There are in Beishan and the temple of 3 Kings, the Palace of Kanli, Lan Yue pagoda. In winter, the park provides space for sports and winter activities.

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Jilin Winter, China
The tourist symbol of Jilin is a memorable Catholic church, reconstructed in 1980. It rises above the main Girin bridge, on Songjiang. Nearby you can feel the spirit of history in the temple of Confucius. It is possible to ask for promotion. In the southern region contrasts with the historical places of the dynamic Museum of meteor shower, where exhibit No. 1 is a meteorite weighing 1770 kg. The exhibition tells about the artifacts of space five areas of the solar system. The Wang Baichuan Museum is an authentic ensemble of Manchu architecture. It shows the historical entry of the Manchu culture into China.

Jilin is a city of many rivers, but the Sungari River is especially beautiful, surrounding almost the entire city with its waters

On the bank of the river Sungari there are pines and willows, completely covered with silver sparkling in the sun. This miracle is explained quite simply: in the process of operation of the Fenman hydroelectric station, which stands on the Sunguri river, the water is constantly heated, which prevents the river from becoming covered with ice even in the coldest time of the year. Willows and pines grow along the banks of the river, and a thick fog rises above the river that floats above the ground.

The cold air instantly picks up this rising steam from the warm water on the branches of the trees and turns it into frost. And this is how sophisticated amazing patterns arise that fascinate all residents and guests of Jilin. The artificial lake Songhua is a beautiful lake, it lies next to the hydropower station Fengman. Near the lake there are several mountain ski complexes, in the summer they are surrounded by greenery and create a truly fabulous view. In winter, you can not only admire the view of the lake itself, but also relax with sports.

One of the most beautiful sights of Jilin Province is the territory of the Buddhist temple complex in the city of Donghua. It includes the museum of the last Chinese emperor Pu, a Buddhist monastery, as well as two statues of Buddha. Donghua is just an hour and a half from Hunchun, so many tourists come here early in the morning, walk around the complex and have time to go back to dinner at the hotel. The complex has a park area with lakes in which the lotus blooms, and several viewing platforms.

Jilin is home to 3 jewels of China: ginseng, martens and antlers. Herbal medical treasures of this area: rhizomes of gastrodia, ling-zhi immortality mushroom, bluish Zaraziha, astragalus, Bunge zinzifora, matsutake mushrooms and blackberries. Animals from which drugs are obtained: several genera of grass frogs, bear and badger, maral and musk deer. The total number of representatives of the flora is 3980 genera, mammals - 445 species.

Chinese food - what and how do Chinese eat rice? Rice is the most common product. In addition to dishes, alcohol and vinegar are produced from rice. Chinese noodles. Many varieties are considered a symbol of Chinese longevity. Made from rice or wheat flour. Soya beans. Tofu, soy sauce, soy milk - these products are made from soy. Vegetables A large selection of vegetable dishes requires the same amount of product. Spinach, bitter melon, watercress, celery, carrots, broccoli Spices and seasonings.

A large selection of seasonings that meet a variety of tastes - anise, cinnamon, fennel, ginger, garlic, sesame Dessert Seasonal fruits, Bakery products, custards. Tea China is a country where they began to grow and drink tea before anyone else. The Chinese claim that it was they who domesticated rice, began to grow it and eat it. Recent genetic studies have shown that rice ceased to be wild about 8-9 thousand years ago. Therefore, rice consumption in China is so common and popular. This product is an integral part of Chinese history and culture. Traditionally, European people try to compare their cooking with Chinese cuisine. But, if a croissant and a cup of hot coffee is an ordinary breakfast for many residents of European countries, then the Chinese have a different philosophy for morning meals.

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