Kalyazin, Russia. Bell tower, business card of the city of Kalyazin

In Russia, there are many glorious towns, to get acquainted with which is always very interesting for the traveler

The town of Kalyazin is located on the right bank of the Volga (Uglich reservoir), 190 km from Moscow and approximately at the same distance from Tver

The mouth of the river Puda and the Zhabni River, the right tributary of the Volga, is located within the city limits. The city is very ancient, the records in the annals of the first settlement (Nikola on Zhabnya), located on the site of the present Kalyazin, date back to the XII century. Nowadays, a high five-tiered bell tower, one of the symbols of the city and the whole Volga, marks the place where once there was a high bank of the river, on which the market square roared, from which they diverged in different directions of the road, but on the contrary stood a beautiful old Trinity monastery with a similar bell tower echoed Nikolskaya.

In the twentieth century after the construction of the Uglich reservoir, most of the city was under water. St. Nicholas Cathedral was demolished on bricks, and it was decided to leave the bell tower. The most beautiful and ancient part of Kalyazin - the central square with adjacent streets and the Makaryev Trinity Monastery - was destroyed and flooded. Kalyazin has a large number of merchant houses, almost all of them are located on Karl Marx Street, in the very center of the city.

Kalyazin is a district center of the Tver region, located at the confluence of the Zhabnya River into the Volga. Tver is an old Russian city that has preserved its historical appearance and therefore is especially attractive for tourists. The city is located on the picturesque banks of the old Russian Volga River, in the place where the Tvertsa and Tmaki rivers flow into it.

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Kalyazin, Russia
Tver also attracts tourists with well-preserved sights, for example, it is worth visiting here to visit the Nativity Monastery, see the monument to Athanasius Nikitin and the Imperial Traveling Palace, as well as many other attractions. In Tver, tourists can stay in one of the hospitable hotels, most of which are concentrated in the central part of the city. The brightest sight of Tver is the Tver Kremlin, which was built in the XII century. Of course, the Kremlin in Tver was repeatedly rebuilt, but this makes it even more attractive in the eyes of tourists. Other must-see sights of Tver include: The Imperial Traveling Palace, created in the 18th century, the City Garden of Tver, the 16th century Church of the White Trinity, the Nativity Monastery and other landmarks of Tver.

Nikolsky (Nicholas) Cathedral was built in 1694. The five-tier bell tower, more than 70 meters high, was added in 1794-1800

In the 15th century, a monk of the Kashinsky Klobukov monastery, Makarii, came to the lands in the possession of the boyar Kolyaga, and settled here; a little later, seven more people from the Kashinsky monastery stretched after him. Thus, a new monastery began to take shape, named in the name of the Holy Trinity. Boyar Kolyaga, who lost his entire family, donated all his lands to the new monastery and took the veil here, and the monastery from that time began to be called Kolyazin.

Makaryev monastery in Kalyazin quickly became a very influential and rich abode, he enjoyed special patronage from the Moscow grand princes and kings. It is known that both Ivan the Terrible and Boris Godunov have been here. Later, the monastery was also visited by the Romanovs - Alexei Mikhailovich, Peter I, Catherine II.

In 1939-1940, part of the territory of the old city, including all the major monuments of history and architecture, was flooded during the construction of the Uglich hydroelectric station. Not much is left of the old city and the main attraction is the bell tower of St. Nicholas Cathedral. The central street of the city, Karl Marx Street, used to lead to St. Nicholas Cathedral, and now it goes straight into the water.

Nowadays, the main attraction of the city is this flooded bell tower, which stands alone in the middle of the river. At one time, because of the hydroelectric power station built here, the entire old city of Kalyazin was flooded. Now in its place is a wide, full-flowing backwater dividing modern Kalyazin into two parts - the eastern and the western. You can cross the harbor only by a single bridge, located just above the city.

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