Kamchatka, Mutnovsky volcano. Travel to Russia

Journey to the crater of Mutnovsky volcano, Kamchatka

Climbing Mutnovsky volcano. Excursion to the crater of the volcano, to the fumarole sites, mud pots, the crater lake and the "Active Funnel"

Mutnovsky volcano (2324 m) is represented by four confluent cones, the peaks of which are destroyed during eruptions of a different nature. On the west side there is a crater - an active funnel, which is the main place of modern activity of the volcano. The volcano is unique in that it allows people to easily see the active volcano from the inside. Active fumaroles, steam emissions, mud pots, mineral formations, volcanic sulfur, and a fantastic volcanic landscape put this place on a par with the best volcanic manifestations of the world.

You can endlessly talk about this amazingly beautiful place. The Vulkannaya River cuts through the bottom of the northern crater and forms an 80-meter waterfall at the exit, and below it forms a deep canyon - Ravog Opasny. Canyon and waterfall are of world importance as monuments of nature. In August, it is possible to get to the place where you can take a walking tour by motor vehicle of high cross, but during the rest of the year the volcano can only be seen with a helicopter.

Unique Kamchatka. Climbing into the crater of Mutnovsky volcano begins right from the foot and will run along the picturesque canyon, at the bottom of which flows the Vulkannaya river. The ascent to the fumarole field of the volcano takes about 2.5 hours and everyone can do it. Mutnovsky volcano is the pearl of the south of Kamchatka.

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Kamchatka, Mutnovsky volcano
The behavior of red-hot magma in a magma chamber resembles a yeast dough: magma increases in volume, occupies all the free space and rises from the depths of the Earth through cracks, striving to break free. As the dough lifts the lid of the pan and flows over the edge, so the magma breaks through the earth's crust in the weakest places and breaks out to the surface. This is the eruption of the volcano. Volcanic eruption occurs due to degassing of magma. Everyone knows the degassing process: if you carefully open the bottle with a carbonated drink (lemonade, Coca-Cola, kvass or champagne), cotton pops out, and smoke appears in the bottle, and sometimes foam - gas escapes from the drink (that is, it degasses). If you shake or heat the champagne bottle before opening it, a powerful jet will break out of it, and it is impossible to keep this process. And if the bottle is not tightly closed, then this stream can itself knock the cork out of the bottle.

Mutnovsky volcano does not look like everyone imagines a volcano

As we move into the crater, tourists overcome a varied terrain: climb the winding paths up, go through glaciers, climb over the mudslide, wewl among fumaroles and mud pots, at the end of the route we climb up the steep slope using ropes. Your environment is constantly changing and makes you stop and take a million photos. This makes the trip even easier - while turning your head around, you do not notice how you are going further and further.

The most interesting and impressive place is the active fumarole site in the crater. This is the place where you can feel the energy hiding under your feet. Everything is buzzing around, steam and gas erupting from small and large fumaroles, mud pots are boiling. Walking here is extremely careful and attentive. Tourists stop to eat inside the crater of an active volcano. You don't have lunch every day in a place like this.

If you have time and some energy, then you can go to the edge of the picturesque Opasny canyon, through which the Vulkannaya River flows. It originates in a glacier in a crater of a volcano, descends down the gorge and descends from a ledge into a canyon, forming an 80 meter waterfall. Kamchatka, located on the north-eastern outskirts of Russia, is a unique land full of contrasts and not at all like the rest of the country.

Volcanoes here are side by side with glaciers, boiling geysers and hot springs with swift rivers, waterfalls with lakes. This natural diversity could not fail to become the basis for the development of tourism, in particular, its areas such as expeditionary, alpine skiing and extreme. In Kamchatka, you will not be bored not only by fans of outdoor activities, but also by those who love peace and unity with nature: where else in the world can you almost all day admire the smoking peaks of the hills, gently stroked by the sun's rays?

Magma in the magma chamber is under pressure, as well as carbonated drinks in a closed bottle. In the place where the earth's crust was "not tightly closed", magma can escape from the bowels of the Earth, knocking out the "plug" of the volcano, and the stronger the "plug", the stronger the eruption of the volcano. Rising up, magma loses gases and water vapor and turns into lava - magma depleted in gases. Unlike effervescent drinks, the gases that are released during the eruption of the volcano are combustible, so they ignite and explode in the vent of the volcano.

The force of a volcano explosion is so powerful that a huge "funnel" (caldera) remains on the site of the mountain after the eruption, and if the eruption continues, a new volcano begins to grow right in this cavity. However, it happens that magma manages to find an easy way out to the Earth's surface, then lava flows out of volcanoes without explosions at all - like boiling porridge, gurgling, spills over the edge of a pan (for example, volcanoes erupt in the Hawaiian Islands). Magma does not always have the strength to go to the surface, and then it slowly freezes at a depth. In this case, the volcano does not form at all.

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