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Kangaroo Island is located south of the continent and is considered quite large by the standards of Australia

Fairy Kangaroo Island. In the distant past, Kangaroo Island was connected to the mainland and inherited from it many different types of animals, unique to Australia. Most of all, Kangaroo Island is known for its rich fauna: it is not without reason that it is often called the "Australian Galapagoss". By area, it ranks third after the islands of Tasmania and Melville. Flinders Chase National Park, Kangaroo Island, South Australia. Kangaroo Island is a wonderful place to relax and explore Australian nature and wildlife.

Coming here for one or a few days, you can immediately see a lot of Australian animals, which are sometimes not so easy to find on the mainland. Thanks to a small number of people living on Kangaroo Island and reserves and national parks created on the island, you can see kangaroos, wallabies (kangaroos), echidna, koala, penguins, fur seals and several species of seals and even platypus. The local type of kangaroo is different from that of gray kangaroos that are common on the mainland: the local kangaroos are more brown and have other narrow faces.

A person should think, save and preserve everything that surrounds us. Try to recover what is lost. But, most importantly, think about what to do next and what to change. Maybe you should not litter freshwater reservoirs: rivers, lakes, ponds and streams. After all, water reserves dramatically "melt". And there may come times when "air or water sellers" will be needed. Of course, people should think and take care of nature. Popular wisdom says that nature is our mother. We turned out to be bad kids. We do not cherish, we do not protect nature, and if we do it, it is somehow weak and uncertain. Humanity needs to remember and take care not only of itself, but the main thing about its children and grandchildren - they are the future of life. And what they will be, and most importantly, whether they will be, in general, so for this to be, it is necessary to take care of nature.

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Australia travel. Kangaroos crossing, Kangaroo Island. Australia vacation.
What makes a perfect travel? Exotic nature, cheap air fares and nice affordable hotel. The love of nature is the admiration for its beauty, the pleasure of communicating with it, the desire to feel its beauty, inhale amazing smells, admire the variety of colors. This is the desire to preserve nature, not to pollute, not to destroy, but to effectively help its restoration. Love for nature is a feeling of oneness with it, happiness from realizing yourself as a part of this vast world.

Breathtaking places to go on first vacation. In 1802, a European arrived on Kangaroo Island for the first time - Captain Flinders, who gave the island its name thanks to the many kangaroos living on the island

Trip ideas: vacations, tours and getaways. Here travelers get the broadest opportunities to merge with wildlife. There are white sandy beaches, picturesque bays, and curious geological formations on the island. Hot winter vacations : where to go. Here you can do excellent fishing in the ocean or from the shore. Fans of photography and landscapes will be delighted with a large number of the most remarkable views from viewing platforms and unusual rock forms and caves in the Flinders Chace National Park.

The Southern Ocean, as it is officially called here, bestows a large number of gifts to the inhabitants of Kangaroo Island and visitors: here you can always try excellent seafood, because oysters, lobster, fresh fish, crayfish. In addition, there are many small farms on the island of Kangaroo, where you can taste delicious cheese from sheep's milk, local white or red wine, juicy lamb or beef steak, and other goodies.

Kangaroos are amazing and unique representatives of the animal world of our planet, a kind of Australian business card. Previously unknown to Europeans, these animals were discovered only with the discovery of Australia itself by the Dutch navigator Willem Janszon in 1606. And from the first acquaintance the kangaroo (as well as other unique representatives of the Australian fauna) struck the imagination of the Europeans who had never met such peculiar animals before. Even the origin of the very name of these creatures - "kangaroo" is very curious.

It is believed that the name "Kangaroo" came to us from the language of the Australian Aborigines, but there are several versions to this effect. According to one of them, when the team of the English navigator James Cook deepened into the depths of the Australian continent and met with kangaroos, the British asked the local Aborigines what kind of strange creatures were, what the answer was "kangaroo", which in their language meant "kang" - jumping "Uru" - four-legged. According to another version, "kangaroo" in the language of the natives simply meant "I do not understand.".

What did the kangaroos that inhabited Australia look like thousands of years ago? Many of today's animals are smaller copies of prehistoric giants. The kangaroos that inhabit modern Australia are no exception and they also have ancient ancestors whose body weight exceeded 200 kilograms. Recently, Australian scientists created a computer model of the skull of one of the ancestors of modern kangaroos and found out what they ate and what other modern animals looked like.

Forests burn every year in almost any corner of the planet (if there is a forest), neither Siberia nor Australia is an exception. However, the current fires in Australia are different from the previous ones and they are very worrying for scientists. Australia's climate became hotter in the 1970s, and since then, changing weather conditions have increased the risk of fires, and the duration of fire-hazardous seasons in most parts of the country has increased. Warming caused by human activities has been observed on Australia's temperature chart since 1950. Man contributed to the formation of a clear and long-lasting trend, leading to the creation of many fire-hazardous weather conditions. As our planet continues to heat up, natural climatic fluctuations in the Pacific, Indian and Southern Oceans will contribute to climate change in Australia.

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