Australia vacation. Kangaroo Island tours. Very cute koala bear. Kangaroo Island resort

Animals of Australia are unique, they are not found in any other corner of the planet. Romance vacation packages.

Kangaroo Island is located 112 kilometers from Adelaide. This is the third largest island in Australia, occupying an area of more than 4,400 square km

Tourists are attracted by the picturesque landscapes and amazing places, the opportunity to get acquainted with the local endemic species of animals and plants, as well as amazing landscapes, alternating in a contrasting kaleidoscope from the rocky hills in the northeast to the plains in the southwest and lowlands along the estuaries. The island is not very big, about 160 km long, there are a lot of nature reserves, called parks in Australia, where you can stay in campsites. Camping can be either in the bush (Australian forest, more precisely tall shrub with eucalyptus trees) or on the beach.

150 representatives of Australian flora and more than 600 representatives of the fauna of the continent found refuge in Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park. You will be able to stand at arm's length from the koalas, watch the water procedures of miniature penguins, scratch the wombat's soft tummy and feed the kangaroo. And kangaroos and koalas are active at night, and even nightly posums come to the scene.

The world of Australian nature is extremely unique. The continent for a long time was hidden from the rest of the world, separated from other continents by an infinite area of of the ocean. That is why the distant tropical continent is not just unusual, but, in some way, fantastic, because the animals of Australia have their own uniqueness and unique originality. In general, the climate in the described part of the world is very favorable for organic life, so the plant world is very rich. As for the fauna: the number of its species on this continent is tens of thousands.

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Australia vacation. Kangaroo Island tours. Very cute koala bear. Kangaroo Island resort.
Royal woodpeckers, black rhinos, sea cows - this is not the whole list of animals exterminated due to human fault. Unfortunately, due to deforestation and hunting, this list continues to be replenished, and after several decades even harmless koalas can get into it. Even before the tragedy of forest fires, representatives of the Australian Fund for the Protection of these animals announced that in all of Australia there were only 80,000 koalas. This is a critical value, because of which they can now be attributed to "functionally extinct" animals.

Much of the island is distributed between National Parks, reserves and nurseries for captive breeding of endangered animals

On 2,000 hectares of the western outskirts of Kangaroo Island lies the Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary Nature Reserve. Kangaroo Island: the last piece of real Australia, where the rabbits have not yet reached. Today on the island you can see hundreds of kangaroos who are not in danger. In the absence of predators and under the protection of humans, these marsupials actively increase their numbers and freely roam around the island. They are not afraid of people and often come close to houses and hotels for tourists. Here you can even meet koalas and kangaroos who are not averse to chat with people.

The basis of the economy of the island of Kangaroo, where no more than 5,000 people live, is sheep breeding, as well as the accompanying production of cheese, wool and meat. The mild maritime climate with warm winters and cool summers allows you to engage in the cultivation of grapes, as well as the breeding of bees and the production of honey. Kangaroo Island is very attractive for tourists who enjoy visiting the national parks of a unique island. Night tours are especially popular with tourists.

Australia is a continent of unique animals. The animal world of Australia is unusual and interesting, and there are reasons for this. The continent is famous for its cloudless blue sky, generous sun and quite favorable mild climate. Drastic temperature drops in this area of the planet is practically not observed. There are several natural areas of Australia. The animals and birds living in them undoubtedly have their own characteristics, because the constantly wet, ever-green forests, savannah and deserts are distinguished by individual vicissitudes of climate, the nature of the soil, the terrain and the availability of fresh water.

The mainland itself is located at the junction of two endless oceans: the Indian and Pacific, and their waves rage in the southern tropical zone. The shores of the fifth continent from the space of the water element are separated by mountains. That is why the restless ocean almost does not interfere in the life of this blessed land. The climate is dry. The truth is that the comfort of organic life is often affected by the lack of fresh water: many rivers are depleted, lakes are too salty, and tropical deserts have seized about half of the country's territory.

The number of koalas is significantly reduced - this is a fact. There are really many reasons for the decline in their population, and the main ones are deforestation, diseases and climate change, and more recently, fires. These animals are quite difficult to detect, so experts still cannot tell their exact number in different Australian states. If measures are not taken to protect them, their population may fall below a critical level and they will not be able to produce new offspring.

Planet Earth looks like a huge ball with many secrets and surprises, because it is hard to imagine how many ancient structures and animal remains to be discovered by scientists. Some finds are made even by ordinary people - recently a New Zealand resident walked along his dogs along the Ciburn River, and noticed huge traces of some bird at its bottom. The man immediately contacted the Otago Museum, whose staff neatly pulled the casts to the surface and talked about the ancient bird to which they belong. Experts quickly recognized the tracks - they belong to one of the moa birds, which lived in New Zealand until about 1500. The height of some representatives of this species reached 3.6 meters, and the weight reached 250 kilograms. They fed on vegetation, and were considered great prey for the Maori Aborigines, who destroyed them. It is believed that due to the abundance of people and predators, birds were doomed to extinction.

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