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Complete fusion with nature and a chance to forget all your problems. Great Silk Road.

In the very center of Eurasia lies a mountainous country, whose unexplored and pristine nature as a magnet attracts true travelers

This is Altai, the land of fish rivers and lakes, spruce forests and birch groves, snow-capped mountains and flowery valleys. The primeval nature of the Altai, removal from civilization, medicinal baths from maral antlers, healthy food, living in environmentally friendly log cabins will give those having a rest a boost of energy for a whole year. "Kazakhstan Altai" is a tour of the East Kazakhstan region. Part of the road passes among the mountain ranges in wide valleys. In this tour, the famous mountain lakes Markakol and Yazevoe are visited, as well as the Bukhtarma reservoir.

Belukha Mountain is the highest peak of Altai and Siberia, here you can make mountain-hiking trips from the simplest to hikes of the increased category of complexity with the use of special mountaineering equipment. Beluha is unlikely to concede to the tops of the same class of other regions of the world, and by the beauty of the landscapes, it is unlikely that any other mountain site can be compared to it. Traveling to the foot of Belukha Mountain is an opportunity to get fantastic impressions, to touch the pristine, virgin, untouched beauty of nature.

It is no secret that residents of large cities are less happy than those who live in less densely populated regions. Noise and light pollution of cities increases the level of stress, which, in turn, leads to the development of many diseases, including mental illness. Walking makes people happy. A walk gives us a sense of euphoria. The mood of a person begins to improve already while waiting for a walk. And the increased level of happiness persists for several hours after it.

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Kazakhstan Hiking
Being in nature has a restorative effect on the body, which cannot be compared with shopping or going to the movies. The presence of biodiversity in nature is also of great importance to our well-being. Thus, the preservation of a variety of animal species is important for every inhabitant of our planet. The fewer green areas remain on Earth, and the fewer animals live in them, the sadder people become.

Unforgettable walking tour of the Altai Mountains

Mountain-pedestrian tours are designed for lovers of mountain-hiking trips, those who like to enjoy the romance of hiking life, walk with a backpack along the previously untrodden paths. On the Kazakh part of Altai now there are two natural reserves and one national natural park. Here are concentrated the main and most striking regional monuments of nature, culture, history, areas of distribution of rare and endangered animals of Kazakhstan Altai, some of which are of world importance.

The path of one of the possible hiking routes runs among granite rocks and cedar forest, in the valley of the Black Berel river - excellent fishing for grayling. Radial exits to the Kokkolsky waterfall, the monument-museum of mining culture of the 30s - Upper Camp of the former Kokkolsky mine. Abandoned barracks, galleries, remnants of the processing plant at an altitude of 3000 meters above sea level, where during the war they mined metal - tungsten. Radial exit to the Berelsky glacier at the Eastern summit of Belukha.

Travel to Kazakhstan. The Republic of Kazakhstan shocks the traveler with the majesty of the boundless steppes and the golden domes of mosques, the blue expanses of Lake Balkhash and the modern buildings of Astana. The cities of the Great Silk Road and the Baikonur Cosmodrome are all about Kazakhstan. In remote regions, travelers can discover the untouched nature of Kazakhstan: deserts, ancient cities, beautiful, almost alpine landscapes.

Kazakhstan is located in the very center of Eurasia, to the south of the Ural Mountains. Here, in an unusual way, antiquity and modernity, eastern traditions and western modernism intertwined with each other. Today, the country offers tourists several options for travel: educational tours around the country, ethnic and eco-tours, as well as treatment, hunting, fishing and mountaineering.

In Kazakhstan, it is customary to eat tastefully and without haste. The traditional meal of the Kazakhs begins with dairy drinks: guests are offered koumiss (mare's milk), shubat (camel's milk) or ayran (sour cow's milk), which not only quench thirst, but also strengthen the immune system. Modern national cuisine includes not only native Kazakh dishes, but also many dishes of other nations living in South Kazakhstan. Some dishes are prepared only in a tandoor - a special clay oven. It is believed that the real samsa comes out only in tandyr, it also bakes traditional flat cakes.

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