Antarctic tourism. Three King Penguins (Aptenodytes patagonicus) at Volunteer Point. Antarctica cruise. Your lucky day

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Traveling to Antarctica for many tourists seems like an impossible dream

King penguins, macarons, chinstrap, Gent, Adelie penguins - the penguins in Antarctica are diverse and numerous. Famous wandering albatrosses nest in South Georgia - the world's largest sea birds, their wingspan reaches 4 meters. Travel to Antarctica is very diverse both in terms of the method of movement and the duration. Since the continent is surrounded on all sides by the ocean, and there are no buildings on land, apart from the polar stations and seasonal camps, a cruise is all over here. Where to go for unforgettable impressions. Landscapes of the Antarctic are often called unearthly, they are unique. This is the world of picturesque mountains, huge icebergs and glaciers. While walking, you can often see seals, sea leopards, whales and killer whales.

Emperor penguins are monogamous: after finding a mate, they don't look at anyone else. Penguins are very agile in the water - they are excellent swimmers and divers, but on land the penguins move very clumsily, maintaining balance with the help of short wings-flippers. The animal world of Antarctica is an ideal subject for photography. Having no natural enemies on land, penguins and seals are not at all afraid of people. The largest mammals are found in coastal waters - the blue whale, sperm whales, orcas, as well as seals, elephant seals, sea lions.

In the subglacial lakes of Antarctica, there may be life that has evolved for millions of years completely separate from the whole Earth. In total, more than 140 subglacial lakes were found in Antarctica. But the most famous of these is Lake Vostok, located near the Soviet and later Russian Antarctic station Vostok, which gave the lake its name. A four-kilometer layer of ice is located above the lake, but it does not freeze due to the underground geothermal sources located beneath it. The water temperature in the depths of the lake is at 10 degrees Celsius. It is this ice thickness that, according to scientists, could serve as a natural insulator, preserving the unique living organisms, which all these millions of years have developed and evolved completely isolated.

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Antarctic tourism. Three King Penguins (Aptenodytes patagonicus) at Volunteer Point. Antarctica cruise.
Antarctica contains 70% of all fresh water on the planet, but it is the driest place on earth. Paradoxically, but just like that. Although, if you look, there is nothing strange here. Fresh water is, of course, ice. Well, with rainfall here the situation is really bad: only 18 mm per year. Even in the Sahara Desert, 76 mm of precipitation falls annually. Antarctica is a very calm place in terms of seismic activity. Although, there also have their own volcanoes and not only sleeping, but also quite active. At least two of them have erupted over the past 200 years. And the most famous volcano of Antarctica, which is also the most active part-time, is called Erebus, it is often called the "volcano guarding the way to the South Pole".

Antarctica belongs to the whole world and is not the property of any state

Trips to take alone in your 20s. Continent Antarctica is one of the most desirable places for photographers. This region is so unique that almost any photograph taken here is doomed to success. The only permanent inhabitants of the South Pole are penguins, whales and seals. At the same time more than 50 thousand tourists come to the snowy continent every year. Thunderbirds, gray gulls, or skuas nest on the shores of Antarctica. They feed on fish or small marine animals.

Top 10 tourist destinations in the world. Traveling to the southernmost continent of the planet, the great, terrible and glorious Antarctica, is the cherished dream of many people on Earth. Creative weekend getaway ideas. February is the best time to travel to Antarctica. Warm weather will allow you to fully enjoy the Antarctic summer and get to know the amazing world of the White Continent as closely as possible during boat trips. King penguins, sea leopards and elephants, mighty albatrosses and humpback whales - meetings with them will be unforgettable, as well as the journey to the South Pole of Earth on a luxury cruise liner.

In Antarctica, there is a mountain range, comparable in size to the Alps. These mountains are called Gamburtsev Mountains by the name of the Soviet geophysicist and academician Georgy Gamburtsev, whose expedition in 1958 opened their existence. The length of the mountain range is 1300 km, width - from 200 to 500 km. The highest point is 3390 m. And now the most interesting thing: the whole hulk rests under a huge layer of ice. On average, the ice cover over the mountains is 600 meters, but there are areas where the ice thickness is more than 4 km.

Antarctica is the only continent on the planet that is not divided into time zones. There is also no particular time in Antarctica. All scientists and expedition members living there are oriented either to the time of their native country or to the time of the staff who deliver supplies to them. In Antarctica is the sea with the cleanest water in the world. This is the Weddell Sea and it is considered to be the most transparent in the world. However, there is also nothing surprising here, because in Antarctica there is simply no one to pollute it. The water in the Weddell Sea is so clear that you can see objects at a depth of 79 meters. It almost corresponds to the clarity of distilled water.

Antarctica is of scientific interest primarily because there is permafrost, penguins live, rare species of vegetation are found and there are minerals that can not be obtained so easily. In the second place, Antarctica is interesting to space researchers: in Antarctic conditions, one can simulate a flight to a distant planet and bring atmospheric conditions closer to extraterrestrial. In particular, in conditions of glaciers, rovers and mobile modular stations are experiencing. Antarctica does not belong to any of the states; only scientific activity is allowed.

It's no secret that most of the ice on our planet is concentrated at the South and North poles - in the "upper" and "lower" caps of the Earth. In the remaining regions, it is simply too warm for the existence of permafrost. You can imagine how much water is "stored" in these glacial reserves. But there is a problem: due to the actions of mankind harmful to nature, the temperature on the planet rises, and glaciers begin to melt. And if they melt, we are unlikely to be able to regain their ice form. If the Antarctic ice sheet melts, the World Ocean - that is, all the connected seas and oceans of the planet - will rise 60 meters. It is approximately 20 floors. All coastal cities will hide under water, like many tropical islands. The most luxurious resorts on Earth will cease to exist. Creepy if you imagine.

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