King Vulture, Argentina tours. The King Vulture, Sarcoramphus papa, is the most strikingly colored bird in the New World vulture family

No other vulture does not have such a motley outfit

Argentina is famous for its diversity

Argentina is rich in abundance of vast steppes in it - the pampas, impassable tropics, the view of the snow-white glaciers and the magnificence of numerous waterfalls. Due to the richness of its history, Argentina has many ancient monuments. In this country, valued culture of life and a variety of traditions.

The wildlife of Argentina will satisfy any tourist, because there are dolphins and whales, penguins and llamas, numerous birds and dangerous predators. A huge number of national parks opened their doors for nature lovers, and a park like Fitz Roy is open to tourists and entrance is free. This is a good opportunity to take a few walks to the most famous mountains in the whole world.

The family of American vultures includes the specie of royal vulture. This bird lives on the territory of Central and South America from the south of Mexico to the north of Argentina on an area of about 14 million square meters. km It inhabits tropical lowland forests, savannas, meadows, often found near swamps. Mostly lives at an altitude of up to 1.5 thousand meters above sea level. To the east of the Andes comes across at an altitude of 2.5 thousand meters above sea level.

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King Vulture, Argentina tours. The King Vulture, Sarcoramphus papa, is the most strikingly colored bird in the New World vulture family.

Argentina is not the largest country in South America, but it can definitely be called one of the most interesting

Despite the decent size and bright color, this predator is almost not noticeable when sitting on a tree. This species does not belong to migrants, but these birds live in pairs or small family groups. In search of food they can soar in the air for hours, almost without moving their wings. During the hunt, rely on acute vision and a well-developed sense of smell. Royal vultures mostly eat carrion, and are looking for it, as a rule, in the forest. Finding carrion, they drive away smaller vultures and eat prey.

This specie has the status causing the least concern. The number is estimated at 100 thousand adult individuals. At the same time, there is evidence that the royal vulture has almost disappeared in some areas. But such cases are local in nature and are explained by the destruction of the natural habitat and poaching. It should also be noted that these birds of prey sit on tall trees and fly high, so they are difficult to study and control.

Scavengers unite between themselves gigantic size and formidable appearance. There is even such a scientific opinion that these individuals are the ancestors of the long-forgotten tyrannosaurs. Birds of this family are adapted for life in plains or deserts in the territory of Eurasia and Africa, also in certain regions of Europe and America. Carrion birds got their name because they feed on carrion.

Scavengers fly magnificently, and all thanks to the excellent vision and strong wings. They can easily climb to a considerable height and freely hover above the ground, looking for prey. In search of food, birds without a respite are able to cover a distance of 500-600 km. In Africa, they are hyena rivals, as they also prefer to eat carrion.

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