Kislovodsk, Russia. Caucasian Mineral Waters

One of the most beautiful and attractive cities of the South of Russia, Kislovodsk

Kislovodsk is a well-known balneological and climatic resort in the Stavropol Krai: the southernmost, the largest and most comfortable in the region of the Caucasian Mineral Waters

Kislovodsk has been attracting tourists for two centuries with unique climatic conditions with a record number of sunny days a year and the life-giving power of local mineral springs. This is perhaps the most prominent city not only of the North Caucasus, but of the whole of Russia as a whole. However, its main attraction and true pride of Kislovodsk is one of the largest in Europe, founded in 1823 Resort Park, which since June 2016 has acquired the status of National.

From the bottom station, located not far from the most beautiful corner of the Middle Park - the Valley of Roses, leaving behind the recently renovated Temple of Air, the cable car of the cable car lifts us to one of the spurs of the Dzhinalsky range, where the Upper Park is located. It takes about 8 minutes to travel 1743 meters in air. From here, a wonderful panorama of the whole park and the surrounding mountains of Kislovodsk, led by the magnificent summit of Elbrus, opens up to the eyes of the tourists.

Guests of the Upper Park will meet with a rare natural monument of Red, Blue and Gray Stones, rocks, polished by millennial efforts of natural forces, which have in time assumed odd forms and surprising creator's imagination. The magnificent landscapes of the Kislovodsk depression and the Caucasus Mountains open up from the upper boundary of the park - the Big Saddle, which is almost 1,500 meters above sea level.

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Kislovodsk, Russia
The main natural attraction of Kislovodsk is the valley itself, in which the city is located, surrounded by the slopes of the Main Caucasus Range. Formed by the gorges of the rivers Olkhovka and Beryozovka, flowing here into the river Podkumok, it is framed by sand and chalk mountains. Their picturesque slopes form numerous terraces with deep caves and grottoes, protecting the city from the winds and creating only an inherent microclimate for it. Here is the famous Ring-mountain, and in the gorge of Olkhovka rises Lermontovskaya rock with a waterfall.

The climate of Kislovodsk is similar to the climate of Swiss Davos in winter and to the climate of Meran in summer and autumn

Kislovodsk is located at an altitude of 800-1069 m above sea level in a mountain valley between the Berezovka and Olkhovka rivers, surrounded by the Caucasus Mountains. The city originated from the Russian military fortress founded in 1803, and the name is due to the source of the acidic mineral water Narzan. Its popularity has remained unchanged for a century and a half, although the streets of Kislovodsk have no narrowness and noise even at the height of the holiday season.

Shady alleys of the Terrenkur paths, diversity of flora, birds singing: it's hard to believe that this is a riot of nature the fruits of human hands, that 200 years ago they were grassy slopes blown by all winds. The silent majesty of the mountains, the amazing play of colors, the heavenly fragrance of flowers and the air saturated with phytoncides are sources of health and extraordinary mental balance, the main healing factor after life-giving narzan.

Numerous sights of Kislovodsk await the guests of the city, including the surviving new birth, once the calling card of the famous resort - the Cascade Staircase. Many prominent people rested and worked in Kislovodsk: Lermontov, Pushkin, Chekhov, Tolstoy, Mayakovsky, Gorky, Alyabyev, Glinka, Rimsky-Korsakov. Feodor Chaliapin, Nezhdanova, Isadora Duncan, Anna Pavlova and many other celebrities performed at the old resort hall of the city.

Rose Valley is one of the most romantic places in Kislovodsk. Both townspeople and tourists like to walk along this flower paradise. There are more than 80 varieties of roses, which bloom begins in June. But the best time to visit the Valley of Roses is the end of summer, when all the buds bloom. Kislovodsk is quite a popular resort, so you can get here from Moscow or St. Petersburg by any transport convenient for you.

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