Kremlin, Russia. The Moscow Kremlin

Kremlin's Spasskaya Tower

The Spasskaya Tower is the most famous tower of the Kremlin

All the tourists who have ever visited Moscow, the capital of Russia and its very center - on Red Square, also admired the famous Spasskaya Tower of the Moscow Kremlin. The sounds of her bells are familiar to every citizen of Russia. Here are located the main Holy Gates of the Kremlin - the Spassky, in which the people met the kings and escorted the soldiers on a campaign, through which each procession took place. Kremlin chimes were installed in the middle of the XIX century. Their striking is performed by 11 bells, the largest of which sounds every hour, and ten small bells play a melody every quarter of an hour.

The first clock on the Spasskaya Tower was installed in 1491. In the future, they are repeatedly changed and restored. So, in 1625, under the guidance of the English master Christopher Galloway, new ones were made that played music. In 1705, at the direction of Peter the Great, the watch was remade according to the German model with a 12 o'clock dial. In 1851-1852 on 8-10 tiers, the chimes were installed, alternately performing the "March of the Preobrazhensky Regiment" and the anthem "Glorious is Our Lord in Zion" by Dmitry Bortnyansky. These tunes sounded before 1917. In 1920, the chime of the Internationale was picked up on the chimes.

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Kremlin, Russia

In 1935, the Tsar's Eagle on the Spasskaya Tower was replaced by the first five-pointed star - a symbol of the Soviet era

It was copper, covered with gold and Ural gems. After 2 years, it was replaced by a ruby star. The first star now crowns the spire of the Northern River Station. The wingspan of the new star is 3.75 meters. This is slightly less than the first. Inside the star around the clock lamp with a capacity of 5000 watts.

On the outside of the Spasskaya Tower, restorers had previously discovered and restored the icon of the Savior of Smolensk. In 2010, on the outside of the Spasskaya Tower, an image of the Savior was discovered, after which the tower got its name. In the same year, the image of Nicholas the Wonderworker was found above the gates of the Nikolskaya Tower of the Kremlin under a layer of masonry. For a long time it was believed that all the icons located on the Kremlin towers were completely lost, but there was no documented evidence that the icons were destroyed.

Structurally distinguished elements resembling icon cases can be seen from the outside Kutafya, Troitskaya, Konstantino-Eleninskaya towers, from the inside Troitskaya and Borovitskaya towers. The Moscow Kremlin is the oldest part of the Russian capital, the heart of the city, the official residence of the country's leader, one of the world's largest complexes with unique architecture, a treasury of historical relics and a spiritual center.

The founder of Moscow - Vladimir-Suzdal Prince Yuri Dolgoruky, laid a fortress at the mouth of the river Neglinnaya, slightly above the river Yauza. The new fortress united 2 fortified centers located on Borovitsky hill into a single whole. The fortress, which stood on the site of the future Kremlin, occupied the wrong triangle between the present Trinity, Borovitsky and Taynitsky gates.

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