Seychelles holidays. La Digue island. Seychelles seascape. Granite stones and ocean. Anse d'Argent Seychelles vacation

On La Digue you will see the most photographed granite boulder rocks of incredible shades of black, gray and pink on a snow-white beach near the emerald water

Even among the stunningly beautiful islands of the Seychelles archipelago, La Digue island stands out for its beautiful landscapes, which often seem simply unreal, so impeccable

La Digue is the fourth largest in size and population density island of Seychelles, only Mahe, Praslin and Siluette are ahead of it. There are no enterprises here, and even the road network is represented by only a dead-end branch. La Digue tourism industry is the only source of income for the population, there are excellent conditions for accommodation, food and entertainment for foreign guests.

La Digue - one of the most popular places to practice diving in the Seychelles. In the vicinity of this island is located more than three dozen magnificent coral spots. The most famous of them are Coral Garden, Channel Rocks, White Bank and Grand Ser. A chic strip of beaches stretches for miles. The special charm of these corners of La Digue give the rocks, changing their color depending on the light of the sun.

Anse Source D'Argent - this beach on La Digue has been recognized several times as one of the best beaches in the world. It can be seen on most souvenir cards. Entrance to the beach is paid. On the beach there is a restaurant, cafe, food stalls, souvenir shops. Green palm trees, azure ocean, white sand and red granite rocks growing out of the water - all this makes the beach a real paradise.

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Seychelles holidays. La Digue island. Seychelles seascape. Granite stones and ocean. Anse dArgent Seychelles vacation
But everything in this fabulous place has its drawbacks. The main trouble that can expect you here and on other local beaches is sea urchins. They should be wary when swimming. Also, because of its mega-popularity, there are a lot of tourists on the beach.

This island, not spoiled by human intervention, appears to its guests in the form in which it existed hundreds or maybe thousands of years ago

It is here that you can forget about the hustle and bustle and stresses of everyday life, surrounded by truly pristine beauty. Staying here creates a feeling of complete isolation from the outside world. The landscapes of La Digue harmoniously combine the pinkish beaches of the coast, the virgin rainforest of the central part of the island and the granite cliffs and boulders scattered throughout its territory. The main mountain range of La Digue - Ney d'Egle mountain, whose name translates as eagle's nest, occupies a significant part of the island.

Obviously, vacation in the Seychelles is chosen because of the opportunity to soak up the cleanest beaches and swim in the azure coastal waters, but tours to La Digue can also be diversified by the excursion program. La Digue can be called the most picturesque island of the Seychelles archipelago. In a small area lives only about two thousand people. The main part of the island is almost deserted, it is covered with impassable jungle and several plantations of cinnamon and coconuts.

But still on this small island you can have an unforgettable vacation. On La Digue, as well as on the neighboring islands of the Seychelles archipelago, Praslin and Mahe, there are widespread villas and guesthouses. Despite their similar appearance, they can differ greatly from each other in terms of amenities and level of service. Seychelles archipelago is a great place for tourists who prefer a very quiet and comfortable rest alone with nature.

Bright sun, always warm Indian Ocean, gorgeous sandy beaches with clear coastal waters and secluded atmosphere - this is a typical Seychelles picture that our imagination paints. And our imagination is not wrong at all. Visiting La Digue, every tourist will be able to experience the pristine beauty of nature. It is on this island that you can easily get rid of everyday hustle and bustle. Despite the fact that the island is similar to the primitive lands, the level of civilization is very well developed. Tourists are offered a high level of service and a very comfortable rest. Tourism activity is the main income source for the local population.

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