Slovenia travel. Lake Bled, island with a church and Julian Alps in the background. Slovenia vacations

Lake Bled - a picturesque place in Slovenia

Lake Bled is a popular alpine resort, which attracts tourists throughout the year

The lake is located at an altitude of about 500 meters above sea level right at the foot of the Julian Alps. It is convenient to get here, since only 32 km from Bled there is an airport in Ljubljana. Here, luxurious nature is combined with interesting architectural monuments and famous thermal springs. The swimming season of Lake Bled begins in July and lasts until the beginning of September.

Every tourist who came here will certainly want to visit the island with the church. It is believed that all desires that make on the island will come true. You can get to the island on the fence - a special gondola. Slovenia is a surprisingly beautiful, calm and well-groomed country. Mountains, lakes, nature, delicious, understandable cuisine and very friendly people. It seems that nothing happens in this country, at least nothing bad happens.

Most hotels in the vicinity of the lake have a category of 3-4 stars, but you can find both hostels and luxurious "five". Hotels are mostly molded to the eastern shore of the lake, on the west there is only camping, and on the south there are only a couple of hotels separated from each other by a considerable distance, which can be very pleasant for lovers of solitude.

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Slovenia travel. Lake Bled, island with a church and Julian Alps in the background. Slovenia vacations.

Rest on Lake Bled leaves an indelible impression in the memory and soul of the tourist

When you see all this beauty for the first time, then you begin to feel how breathtaking it is. The incredible landscapes open at the glacier lake, which have long attracted the eye, remain in the memory for a long time. Rest on the lake is an integral part of any trip to Bled. A ride directly on its waters and at the same time explore the church on the island can be on the traditional Slovenian boats - wicker, similar to Venetian gondolas.

In the chapel of the Assumption of the 16th century is the bell of desire. You can punch into it by making a wish in advance, and it will surely be fulfilled if you really believe in it. Slovenia is the intersection of the Alps, the Danube Lowland and the Mediterranean. All the cultural characteristics of these regions are reflected in Slovenian cuisine. Obviously, traditional Slovenian dishes come from the countryside. However, the gastronomy of this country has not been without an element of surprise and grace.

How can Slovenia surprise "taste hunters" and what is worth trying? An interesting feature of Slovenian cuisine is that in each region of the country you can try different dishes that are typical only for this area. This is due to different climatic features, but the local population unites love for some recipes. For example, hearty sausages borrowed from the Austrians (kransk sausage) made from pork, bacon and garlic are cooked everywhere. Serve with mustard, a slice of black bread or horseradish. By the way, often kranski sausage replaces sausages in the Slovenian variation of hot dogs.

Tourism began to develop here since 1855. European aristocrats began to come to the lake for the sake of local thermal springs and the purest alpine air. Today, tourist buses from all over Europe rush here, but the lake and its surroundings still retain their unique beauty. On the lake you can find hotels for every taste and budget. In the lake, you can swim or ride a boat, renting it. No less fun and you take cycling. Recently, wedding ceremonies began to be arranged in the castle.

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