Lake Tahoe resorts. Emerald Bay. A view of Fannette Island in Emerald Bay, on the southwest side of Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe in the United States is the center of resort tourism in the mountains of California. Active travel tours.

The freshwater Lake Tahoe (Tahoe Lake), whose depth is 501 m, is located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Western North America, at an altitude of 1897 meters above sea level

There is a conservation area around Lake Tahoe, where recreational and resort areas and several parks are located. There are dozens of hiking trails (about 100 km), a lot of almost wild tiny beaches. On the northeastern shore of the lake there are magnificent arrays of weathered sandstone in the Valley-of-Fire Park, and the beautiful shallow Bay of Send-Harbor.

At Lake Tahoe everyone can find something to do. Touch the emerald magic. If a tourist went to Lake Tahoe and did not see the Emerald Bay, consider that he was not on the Tagus, because the bay is absolutely beautiful and truly emerald. And most importantly, you certainly need to find a path that will lead you to the shore of this very magical bay. Feel like a captain. On each beach of the lake you can rent a boat. It is believed that the capacity of the boat is 10 people, but comfortable there will be a maximum of 4-6 people. That is, you can arrange a romantic date, or a fun party.

In the middle of the mountain range of the powerful Sierra Nevada, at a level of 1,898 meters above sea level, Lake Tahoe is 35 kilometers long and 19 kilometers wide. With its depths of up to 500 meters, this lake is among the deepest on the planet. This mountainous reservoir arose as a result of Earth crust movements. The Taho is nourished by the one and only Truckee River, which descends lower to the Pyramid Lake.

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Lake Tahoe resorts. Emerald Bay. A view of Fannette Island in Emerald Bay, on the southwest side of Lake Tahoe.
If you have taken such a trip to the United States by car, then during a trip to Lake Tahoe, use it to its full potential. The most beautiful part of the Taho coastline and the most spectacular views of the lake are on its western shore. The most popular point for exploring the lake and the most breathtaking photos are taken from observation platforms in the bay called Emerald Bay.

Emerald Bay, located on the west bank of the Tagus, is considered one of the most photographed regions in the world

Lake Tahoe is located on the border of two states - Nevada and California. In the flora of the coast of the Tahoe dominated by mixed coniferous forests, large areas are occupied by wet and dry meadows. Tahoe does not freeze in winter and is considered one of the cleanest and most beautiful lakes in North America.

What attracts travelers to the Lake Tahoe in the USA? First of all, the legends of the incredible beauty of this lake. Its peculiarity is that the waters of this lake have in some parts a stunning turquoise color: just like the water is somewhere in the Caribbean Sea, but the lake is still fresh. This unique phenomenon has provided a huge number of tourists to the shores of Lake Tahoe.

Vacationers on Lake Tahoe are supporters of hiking and trekking. Surround the lake are numerous and well-groomed trails and paths. Climbing lovers will not be bored by Tahoe, for whom nature itself has provided ideal conditions in this area. Of course, not remained forgotten, and supporters of water sports. They ply on the surface of the lake and steamers, from the deck of which the lake opens from a different perspective. Along with this, here you can go water-skiing, rent a boat or pedal catamaran, devote time to other sports.

Lovers of winter holidays can find a lot of interesting things for themselves in the winter on Lake Tahoe. Ski slopes, built on the shores of the lake, are great for all imaginable winter sports. In total, there are 15 ski slopes and 13 slopes for cross-country skiing. Approximately 350 inches of snow falls in this region a year, which is quite enough for the real pleasure of winter. Many children and adults prefer skiing downhill on a sled.

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