Finland tourism. Beautiful winter landscape with snowy trees in Lapland. Finland tours

Holidays in Finland in the winter

New Year in Finland. Cottage or hotel room?

If you are accustomed to relax in hotels, then all Finnish ski resorts have such accommodation options. But Finland is just interesting because you can try out a new format - rest in a cottage in the middle of a fabulous winter forest. The cottage is not a hut "on chicken legs", this is a spacious 1-2-storey house with all amenities - you will have an equipped kitchen, a sauna, several bedrooms, the living room will most likely have a fireplace, next to which you can spend an evening with a glass of wine and for a pleasant chat with friends. Of course, cottages are not only in the forest, but also in the resort villages close to shops and restaurants. Which option to choose is up to you. It is especially convenient to travel to Finland by a friendly company - to rent a large cottage is much cheaper than a hotel room, and more fun. Spending evenings in the sauna, relaxing after skiing - what could be better?

Lalandia is one of the most exotic and popular places in Finland. The capital of Lapland, Rovaniemi, is located near the Arctic Circle, the home of Santa Claus and one of the best winter holiday centers in Finland. The total area of Lapland - 400 thousand square kilometers, it is washed by the Arctic Ocean and is located on the territory of four states: Finland, Norway, Sweden and Russia. Laplanders, or Sami, inhabit this almost fabulous country, the population is about 60 thousand people, more than half of whom speak their ancient, inherited from distant ancestors language, now numbering 10 different dialects.

The main sights of Lapland are, of course, Santa Claus Village and Santa Park. Santa Claus Village is the world point of attraction for tourists of all ages. It is located 7 kilometers from Rovaniemi. The village consists of the main house of Santa, cottage hotel village, shopping and restaurant galleries and scattered shops / restaurants, post office, Husky Park and reindeer enclosure, rental of snow scooters and other places of entertainment. Here always cheerful music sounds, garlands sparkle, crowds of people from all over the world walk.

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Finland tourism. Beautiful winter landscape with snowy trees in Lapland. Finland tours.
Snow sparkles with a whole gamut of various shades, informing everyone around about the beginning of the most wonderful, most magical season. The trees on the street can not be called dull and dying. They fell asleep under warm cozy blankets until spring came. Fans of mysticism should look into the yurt to the Lapland shaman - neud. There are quite a lot of them here, and shaman seances are very popular among the locals. Since the early Middle Ages, Noida perform magical rites, skillfully control natural phenomena - wind, thunder and lightning, cause rain, can blindly find any thing and freely navigate in unfamiliar areas.

Journey to the winter fairy tale: Lapland

If you have always dreamed of spending the winter holidays or holidays in the arms of a real fairy tale - Lapland is waiting for you. Here every house proves that Santa Claus, he is Joulupukki, as they call him in Finland, still exists. When in the forest, behind a noisy and damp city, the real winter reigns, even he who considers this time of year too pesky and severe is subject to cold beauty. And indeed, it is in a wooded area that the beauty of winter is revealed in its true meaning, striking the imagination with wonderful and amazing pictures. How majestically beautiful with their proud stillness are tall pines, whose paws tend to the ground under the weight of snow cover. What magical and mysterious ice-covered bushes and tree branches seem to be, framing dark trunks like a lace pattern. How contrasting bright and unexpected may suddenly seem to be the scarlet spot of a rowan bunch on a snow-white sparkling background, how fascinating it is to observe the tracks of birds and animals on an unspoiled canvas of pure snow.

In winter, the temperature drops to minus 50 degrees Celsius, but this does not prevent thousands of tourists from celebrating New Year and Christmas in Santa Claus's birthplace. Lapland attracts vacationers with its pure and serene nature. Trout is found in transparent Finnish rivers, lingonberry grows on forest edges. Walking through beautiful forests, fishing and winter reindeer safaris are a real paradise for ecotourism fans and lovers of outdoor activities.

You can admire the northern lights during traditional walks on snowshoes or skis, snowmobile rides or dog sledding. If you do not like staying at the ringing frost, then choose more comfortable conditions. For example, a cozy glass igloo, where you can take a nap in the light of the northern lights. In the recreation center "Harriniva" tourists will be able to ride the lake in a canoe, as well as to make a rafting down the river with rapids. After such an active load, travelers will be offered a traditional Lapland lunch in the Sami plague: salmon soup, smoked venison with lingonberries and hot wild berry drinks.

On the menu in Lapland, traditional Sami dishes are often found. The main delicacy is reindeer meat. It is stewed, fried, jerked and made of carpaccio. Hot dishes are served with mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam. The local "bread" cheese fills with the Northern berry treat, it turns out a very tasty and healthy dessert. The rivers in this corner of Finland are literally teeming with salmon, and in any cafe, tourists are sure to be offered fish soup or fillet, roasted over an open fire. Among the most popular among tourists are snow restaurants, in which the walls, tables and even the bar counter are made of ice.

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