Lapland vacations Finland. Cozy cottage in winter forest. Laplandia tourism Finland

For the winter fairy tale is best to go to Finland

In this amazing country, you can meet the local Santa Claus Joulopukki, ride dog sledding, see the northern lights, and also look into the mysterious valley of Moomin trolls in Tampere

Lapland. The magic of winter. In winter, more than ever, we want to take a break from the everyday hustle and bustle and feel the magical atmosphere of the approaching holidays. If you like winter, snow, ski, snowmobiles, deer and Santa Claus - Lapland is a great place. What to see in Lapland: Korouoma ice waterfall, Ranua Zoo, Husky Park, deer farm, Museum of the Arctic in Rovaniemi. In the north of Finland 200 days a year you can watch the northern lights. Lampiveara, an amethyst mine located in Lapland, is an exciting place to travel the whole year.

In these places with primitive nature with forests and mountains, many rivers and lakes, the purest air, on the polar night, every time on New Year's Eve, crowds of tourists dream of not only enjoying the local beauty but also returning to a distant fairy tale from childhood. In Lapland, you can choose to visit any national park or reserve - and you will not be disappointed, because beauty lurks at every turn. Just take a camera with you and enjoy life. This journey you can not forget.

In winter, even the night forest is transformed, losing its gloomy and sometimes frightening face and replacing it with exquisite mystery, blue gleam of moonlight and intricate shadows that, like strange mythical creatures, change their appearance and are only with the advent of darkness. It is good in the forest in winter, when there is windless and frosty weather, and clean and fresh snow creaks under your feet. Well, when the soft flakes softly fall on the branches of trees and sweetly melt in the palm of your hand. At this time, it is so quiet and gracious that only goodness and tranquility reign in the soul, the enjoyment of true beauty and the joy of life.

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Lapland vacations Finland. Cozy cottage in winter forest. Laplandia tourism Finland.
A trip to a deer farm is one of the obligatory things to be done in Lapland, as it is an important part of local history, and the reindeer herding still exists here. Upon arrival, you will definitely want to get acquainted with the inhabitants of the farm more closely, therefore, in order to make your acquaintance more successful, you should stock up on a moss tree or deer moss, as it is also called, this is one of the favorite treats of animals. For the trip, farm workers will pick up the deer and prepare the team, and the instructor will tell you fairly simple control rules. Pay attention to the name of your horse - usually it is fully justified by the behavior. In any case, this adventure will please and leave an unforgettable impression. Guests believe that before leaving, according to custom, a reindeer kiss promises to return to Lapland!

A fabulous trip to visit Santa Claus in Lapland. Book a house in the woods

Lapland is an inexplicable and fabulous province located in Finland, with fantastic nature and unique culture. These are wild and harsh places where there are more reindeers than people. But lovers of winter holidays are waiting for a lot of entertainment: skiing, snowshoes, dog sledding and even swimming in the hole. Northern lights are the glow in the upper atmosphere caused by the solar wind. In Finnish, it is called revontulet, that is, 'fox lights' - according to Sami legend, colored flashes appear when foxes hunt in the tundra.

Lapland. What will surprise us this winter fairy tale? It will be a big omission to visit Lapland and not to ride a snowmobile. You can take a safari to Santa Village or to a husky farm, go ice fishing or visit reindeer. Foreign tourists are always accompanied by a guide, as getting lost on a short winter day or getting caught up in the snow without knowing the road is very easy. A trip to Finland may require a Schengen visa. Virtually all people in southern Finland speak fluent English. No tip in Finland. Professional guides can also reveal to you the secrets of a real Finnish sauna, and also recommend local dishes. In Finland, alcohol is very expensive and can only be bought in specialty stores.

Winter, like a caring mistress, came to our forests. At the edge of the forest is a small mound. A naughty wind blew and struck him with a white hat. Winter has dressed trees in heavy snow coats, pulled snow-white hats on their tops, did not even forget about the branches - wore downy mittens on them. And I gave a mountain ash a white shawl, from under which one can see clusters of berries, like amber earrings. Suddenly, because of a gray cloud, the sun peeped out, and the fairytale glade could not be recognized. Everything around me sparkled, sparkled, woke up and stretched the shaggy branches of the firs to the sun. Can they brag about their outfit?

Lapland, the province of Finland, will give you at every step new impressions and positive emotions. Children and fantastically minded adults from all over the world come here. During the trip, the diversity of what he saw completely conquers the traveler, so if you wish, you can go on safari for several days, for example, in order to hunt for the northern lights and get a diploma of "Conqueror of the Arctic." At dawn, in the rays of the timid winter sun, trees painted with marvelous patterns of frost create the impression of transparency and light of the mythical mirror kingdom. Having dressed in white robes and as if wrapped in mist, they stand proudly, spreading their crowns wide and overshadowing the silvery ground with a shadow. Each tree adorned with a winter outfit looks majestically at the veil in front of it.

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