Les Invalides, Paris

State House of Invalids in Paris

On the left bank of the Seine is a huge complex of buildings of the 18th century, occupying an area of 450 meters long and 390 meters wide

This includes Les Invalides, the Church of Saint Louis des Invalides and the Cathedral with the grave of Napoleon. The magnificence of the Cathedral is impressive both inside and out. The gilded dome is decorated with decorative images of military subjects. Lilies symbolize the Bourbon dynasty. At the entrance, on both sides are the majestic statues of St. Louis and Charlemagne, indicating the greatness of the French monarchy.

In the 17th century, Louis XIV decided to build a shelter for his disabled soldiers, who had to beg in the streets. The building was designed by architect Jules Monsard. In addition to the beauty of the building, the unusualness of dormer windows attracts attention. Each window is made in the style of knight uniforms, and each window has its own unique individuality, differing from the other.

There is also the Army Museum, which houses a huge collection of military weapons, banners, trophies and armor. In the central part of the complex is the Napoleon sarcophagus, which can only be seen bending over, paying tribute to the great commander, as was intended by architects.The ashes of Napoleon were transported from Saint Helena in 1840 under King Louis-Philippe I of Orleans. The sarcophagus over the grave was built in 1859 from red Finnish granite, sent by the Russian Emperor Nicholas I. Day and night, the grave is protected by twelve colossal statues of "Victory", a sculpture of Pradier. Next to the emperor, in the side crypts, his famous marshals and generals are buried.

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Les Invalides, Paris
Four museums are located in the main buildings. The Museum of Plans and Reliefs contains models of military fortresses and cities, the Museum of the Order of the Liberation presents an exhibition dedicated to the heroes of the Second World War, and the Charles de Gaulle Museum presents a modern exhibition on the life of the legendary president.

Currently, a military hospital is still operating in the left wing of the House of Persons with Disabilities

It serves more than 100 people. Treated here are mainly military invalids. Moreover, everyone who submits his / her medical card for services is subject to a special commission at the Ministry of Military Affairs. On July 5, 1804, in the Church of Saint Louis des Invalides at the magnificent official ceremony, Napoleon I presented the very first orders of the Legion of Honor to the officers.

In order for the dome of the cathedral inside to be well lit, the architect used a construction consisting of two domes nested inside each other. The inner dome is illuminated by the bottom row of windows, and a hole is made in its center, through which the central part of the outer dome is visible, on which light falls from the second row windows that are invisible from the inside.

This monument should be marked on the map of each guest of the capital as an important sightseeing attraction, because in addition to museums and exhibits, Les Invalides catches attention of any tourist in Paris with the impressive architecture of the 17th century. Travel to Paris, the most beautiful and elegant city in the world, a symbol of love and romance, fashion and sophistication.

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and the world's largest centers of tourism. UNESCO and more than 200 international organizations are located here. Paris is a cultural and scientific center of the country: University of Paris (Sorbonne), founded in 1215, College de France (1530), Higher Practical School, National Polytechnic Institute, Higher Normal School, French Institute consisting of 5 academies, National Library (1480 ), Paris Observatory, National Center for Art and Culture. J. Pompidou with the National Museum of Modern Art; Orsey - 19th century Museum of Art and Culture (opened in 1986), Louvre Museum, Impressionism Museum, Gimet Museum, Pedestrian Bridge of Arts, National Museum of Natural History; Palace-Cello, where the Museum of Man, the Maritime Museum, the Museum of French Monuments and the Museum of Cinema are located; theaters Grand Opera (Opera Garnier), Comedie Francaise, Odeon, National Theater of Cello, Theater de la Cite, theater-cabaret Moulin Rouge.

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