London tours. Tower Bridge from the North Bank of the River Thames. London, UK Tours

Tower Bridge, perhaps the most famous drawbridge in the world

Tower Bridge is the only drawbridge on the Thames, and perhaps the most famous bridge in London

Engineers thought it all up so that during the construction of the movement of ships on the Thames was not violated. This bridge was built with bridges in many ways in order to solve the problem of ensuring the smooth navigation of ships. From an engineering point of view, a bridge is a combination of a suspension and a drawbridge. The width of the river between the north and south piers of the bridge is 880 feet. This distance is divided between three spans. The length of the two extreme spans - 270 feet.

Built in the spirit of medieval buildings, with Gothic towers and heavy chains of bridge structures, the Tower Bridge forms a single ensemble with the old castle Tower. The lower tier of the bridge is located at a height of 9 m from the water, and during the passage of large ships it divorces. Previously, he rose to 50 times a day, but at present the bridge is bred only 4-5 times a week. The upper tier is located at a height of 35 m from the lower one, and pedestrians use it when a message is interrupted at the lower tier.

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London tours. Tower Bridge from the North Bank of the River Thames. London, UK Tours

Tower Bridge is a symbol of London, which is why it is so fond of foreigners coming to the UK

In each tower there are two elevators - one for ascent, the other for descent, but in order to climb to the top, you can use the 300-step staircase in each of the towers. In 1982, the towers and the reconstructed upper tier of the bridge were again opened to the public - this time as a museum. From here opens an impressive panorama of the British capital. In order for museum visitors to photograph views of London, special windows are arranged in the glazing of the upper tier of the bridge.

And the mechanisms inside the towers represent a real exhibition of the technology of the Victorian era. Now it is difficult to imagine the capital of Great Britain without this structure, raising its neo-Gothic towers over the Thames. When you see the Tower Bridge, it appears as if it was built somewhere in the Tudor era. It is hard to believe that this bridge is the brainchild of engineering achievements of the Victorian era.

Since Tower Bridge is a symbol of the capital, it is often called simply the London Bridge. However, a bridge with this name also exists and is located upstream of the Thames. There is no doubt that tourists should see firsthand this miracle of Victorian technology. This is really an amazingly beautiful monumental structure, giving its power and elegance a good idea of the spirit of the English nation during its heyday.

London is one of the greatest cities in the world, where there are traces of all historical eras, the best art galleries, many museums and theaters, a huge number of famous architectural landmarks are located. In addition to popular tourist attractions, London is full of interesting places, discovering which you will recognize the city from the other side: these are tiny family restaurants and coffee houses, bars for their own people, markets where you can find everything you like, green oases of cozy parks museums and bookstores that will delight the true biblio-chapters, and much, much more.

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