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The Chinese are convinced: this flower grows not only on Earth, but also in heaven, in paradise

The lotuses that adorn the heavenly lakes are in fact the souls of men. Plants in which righteous souls embodied always bloom and smell sweet, and lotuses in which sinners find themselves wither quickly: the climate of paradise does not fit them.

The lotuses are heat-loving plants, demanding and do not grow everywhere (which is why they are listed in the Red Book): yellow prefers reservoirs of South and Central America, Jamaica, Hawaiian islands, while pink is often seen in Asia, Japan, India, got to Australia. It blooms in Russia - in the Volga delta, in the Far East, in the Kuban, where on the Taman Peninsula is located an incredible beauty water garden: the amazing Valley of Lotos. Despite the fact that the blooming lotus can be of different colors, there are only two kinds of representatives of the lotus family.

The most important among the ancient peoples (judging by the books) was the blue lotus - it symbolized immortality, because it was able to survive and continue its growth even after a long drought. The blue lotus impressed with the ability of its seeds to remain viable for many years (the blue lotus among the ancient Egyptians often decorated the tombs and sarcophagi). The Chinese believed that the blue lotus is a symbol of female beauty, and the Indians went even further: their goddess Brahma, creator of the universe, originated from a lotus flower.

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Lotus In Full Bloom

People marvel with this flower, admire, bow before it: the lotus is a symbol of gods

In different religions, it has a different meaning and means life, rebirth, purity, oblivion, peace, fertility, and some nations see it as an interaction of the masculine and the feminine. The significance of the pink lotus is great, because it means Buddha: when the Buddha was born, rain of incredible beauty fell from the petals of this beautiful plant on the ground. Subsequently, absolutely all significant events in his life were marked by the appearance of heavenly petals.

In Hindus, the pink lotus means a person's attempt to approach nirvana (Buddha was the first mortal to reach this state). Yellow lotus is common on the South American continent and nearby islands. According to its characteristics, this look is similar to Indian, only the surface lotus leaves are more durable, and the flower smells stronger.

Many people count as lotuses water lilies of white and red color. The red lotus is a symbol of India (in the books it symbolizes not only the original nature and purity of the heart, but is also a lotus of love, compassion, passion, in a word, all the properties of the heart are in its meaning). It is believed that the present lives in the rays of the Red Sun, and the Buddha Shakmuni reigns above all that exists, the throne of which is the Red Lotus.

But the ancient Egyptians believed that the white lotus symbolizes sleep and sweet oblivion, because the Nile white lotus, unlike its relatives, was revealed only at night. Whereas the Chinese and Japanese still eat the candied roots of this water lily, considering that the white lotus will prolong their youth and preserve the beauty as long as possible.

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