India tours. Lotus mahal of Zanana Enclosure at ancient town Hampi, Karnataka. India travel

Hampi Royal Quarter Tour. Chitrangani Mahal or Kamal Mahal.

Lotus Mahal is a beautiful, small-sized palace structure with an interesting ancient history, spanning an entire era of many-sided and unique India

The most beautiful structure inside the women's quarter is the so-called Lotus Mahal, it is also called Chitrangani Mahal or Kamal Mahal. The purpose of this beautiful pavilion is not exactly known. The purpose of the female quarter is disputed by several groups of scholars. Some of them believe that there was a harem and, as evidence of this, point to the beautiful Pavilion Lotos Mahal and the high walls that hide the inner world of the quarter from prying eyes.

The style in which the lotus mahal was built is not typical of most buildings in Hampi, it looks more like something Muslim. The pavilion consists of two floors, the entire pavilion is designed in such a way that the wind freely walks inside the premises giving coolness.

India gave the world four religions at once - Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Jayaism. At the same time through Hindustan constantly swept waves of conquest. Here Alexander of Macedon broke his camping tents, at various times the country was ruled by Muslim invaders and the Great Mughals, and since the XVIII century, India has gradually been colonized by Britain. The country gained its independence only in 1947; the spiritual and political leader Mahatma Gandhi played an important role in this process. Today, India is among the fastest growing countries. The economy has made great progress, but an impressive part of the population remains below the poverty line.

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India tours. Lotus mahal of Zanana Enclosure at ancient town Hampi, Karnataka. India travel

The shape of the Lotus Mahal with its arches and balconies resembles the slightly open lotus bud, hence the name of the pavilion. In addition, the lotus flower is carved on the central dome

One of the peculiarities of the building was the running water inside the rooms; only members of the royal family could afford such luxury at that time. Lotus Mahal was created by masters of light-colored stone, multiple arches of the first floor are densely decorated with rich modeling of several layers, emphasizing the importance of the royal dynasty for which the work was performed.

The unusual mixture of Hindu Asian and Oriental Islamic styles makes Lotus Mahal a magnificent attraction among the well-kept lawn that surrounds the palace building and the remaining ruins of other stone structures. To tell about the history of India in two words is impossible, because its history coincides with the history of the birth of human civilization.

The world's first state in terms of population, thousands of years of rich and varied history, great climate, lush tropical nature and long sea coasts - this is all India, ancient and young, familiar to us from colorful films and our childhood dreams. A country of sharp contrasts and the cradle of humanity, around which there are many tales and fantastic legends. Someone forever falls in love with her controversial nature, someone she scares and shocks. But in order to make your own impression of India, you need to go there at least once. Stay indifferent will not work.

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