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The architectural identity of this city is beyond doubt. The city has many high-profile attractions. What to see in Dubai in a few days?

The main attractions of Dubai are certainly the tallest building in the world - the Burj Khalifa Tower and the Burj Al Arab Hotel-Sail. Dubai Marina. This area is considered to be a true gem of modern architectural thought. The grace of luxury and the beauty of the coastal line make up a stunning tandem. Dubai Marina. This area is considered to be a true gem of modern architectural thought. The grace of luxury and the beauty of the coastal line make up a stunning tandem.

Jumeirah Open Beach This public beach stretches along the Palm Islands. It is particularly popular among tourists, mainly due to the fact that it is not inferior to the same paid beaches. Waterpark Wild Wadi. This water park is considered to be one of the best water entertainment in the Middle East.

Dubai is the second largest and most populated emirate of the UAE. The capital of the emirate is also called Dubai, it is the largest city in the Emirates. It is located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, in the northeast of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Settlements of people in the territory of modern Dubai are known since 800 AD. Dubai has long been known as a commercial port. If at the beginning of the twentieth century, Dubai was a small port town, then after the discovery of large oil reserves in this region in the 60s of the last century, it began to develop rapidly.

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Dubai tours. Luxury Hotels, Dubai. Holiday Dubai
The most modern and trendy area is Bar Dubai. There are countless shops offering the most luxurious and exclusive products of world brands, office centers, where almost every international meeting takes place. Dubai Bar is a thriving commercial and financial center, not only the city but also the country as a whole. Ski Dubai is one of the world's largest indoor ski resorts. Special installations constantly produce tons of snow, which covers the roads of any complexity with a 50 cm layer. Here, escaping the heat, tourists can ski, snowboard and even sledding. All year round the temperature is maintained just below zero, and spruce trees are planted along the tracks.

Best places to visit in january for sun. Dubai, city of unlimited possibilities

Get the best deal. In the city there are kilometers of footpaths, on which you can walk in the morning under the splash of waves or in the evening, having a meeting under the moon. What more to see in Dubai in a few days? Palm Jumeirah Islands - all these islands are the result of human creativity. And they were all created on the basis of one idea: A place that captures the imagination. We have to admit that the plan was surprisingly complete. Butterfly Park. Flowers Park. IMG Worlds of Adventure Theme Park. Lookout Burj Khalifa.

Singing fountain. Dubai Opera. Dolphinarium. Zabil park. Aquarium. Zoo. Glowing garden. Moroccan baths in the Palace of Beauty. Desert safari. Oasis City Al Ain. Relaxation and stress management. For the United Arab Emirates, where tourism is a huge part of income, it is extremely important to show yourself as a safe state. Traveling you gain freedom. Impeccable service. Be sure that in every hotel, regardless of the number of stars, professionals will take care of the organization of your holiday.

Dubai is the business card of the Emirates. It is in Dubai's achievements that the rest of the world imagines the Arab "miracle in the sands". Everyone heard something about this metropolis on the edge of the desert. For example, what is the most modern metro here. Or the best shopping. Or the tallest skyscraper. Or - the most luxurious hotel with its own aquarium, the opening of which spent more fireworks than at the Olympic Games in Beijing.

All of this is here, and all of this is true, albeit outdated. After all, Dubai is changing every day, and everything that you know about it today will require at least an "information update" tomorrow. About 15 percent of all tower cranes in the world are currently working in Dubai construction sites. Previously, they came to Dubai for the beaches. Later, shopping in the gigantic and almost all the self-contained malls was added to them. Today they come here to also gaze at the architectural and landscape-designer wonders, which only the imagination of the Arab sheiks is capable of. For example, on the artificial Palm Islands, which have increased the coastline of Dubai by more than 1000 kilometers.

Half a century ago, in the place of this fabulous country, the endless desert stretched, and today the United Arab Emirates is a symbol of luxury and high technology. Sand dunes turned into palm groves, noisy bazaars - into boutiques, expensive cars replaced camels, and paradise islands with snow-white beaches and luxury hotels appeared in the coastal zone. And yet, despite the modern rhythm of life, the Emirates are thoroughly saturated with oriental exoticism. These are the tales of "Thousand and One Nights", embodied in reality, where there is a place for both sheikhs and guests from distant northern countries. The UAE is a place that everyone needs to visit.

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