Machu Picchu tours. Cusco Peru travel. Machu Picchu hiking tours

The ancient stone city of the Incas, mystical and not fully understood by anyone, is visible against the background of the jagged Andes

The city of Machu Picchu lasted just over 100 years - until 1532, when the Spanish colonialists invaded the territory of the Inca Empire

There are many places of amazing beauty in this world, but among them there are just a few of the most beautiful ones that stand out from everyone else, both in their beauty, in the strength of their impressions, and in their unusual history. Machu Picchu is undoubtedly rightfully standing in this row, occupying one of the first places in it.

Machu Picchu was built as a temple complex dedicated to the God of the Sun Inti. The priests, the Inca supreme nobility and the most skillful artisans who served them lived in it. Separate premises were built for them. Also in Machu Picchu lived virgins - Mamakunas, who devoted themselves to God Inti. The harmony of architecture and nature is especially amazing.

The masonry is amazing, when the stone blocks are fitted with purfect precision and density, so that the razor blade will not crawl between the stones. It's amazing how the Incas built Machu Picchu without using any bonding mixes - all the buildings are held at the expense of their own weight and perfect fit of boulders. After the Incas left Machu Picchu, for several hundred years the city was swallowed up by fast-growing jungle and hid it from the eyes of the Spaniards.

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Machu Picchu tours.  Cusco Peru travel. Machu Picchu hiking tours.
Each trip is a unique story, emotions, impressions, acquaintances. All this carries a lot of positive impressions, a charge of vivacity of inspiration. You discover something new, unknown and this inspires you to new adventures, exploits and stories. When we have this "warm energy" we are able to create, new ideas and opportunities come to us, a thirst for life and constant movement awakens. We open the world for ourselves in a new way, and it begins to play with even brighter colors. Remember at least the feeling when you climb to the top of the mountain and you have a bewitching view, because you get such a charge of energy that you are ready to move even further and higher, only to experience these feelings again.

The best time to visit Peru and, in fact, Machu Picchu itself is July - August

At this time in Peru is winter, during which the most comfortable temperature (about +20 degrees Celsius) and the minimum amount of precipitation fall. The only problem is that about this "velvet season" is known to a good half of the world, and this good half of the world comes to Peru at the same time. From Cusco to Machu Picchu is best to get on a special tourist train. The train ride to Aguas Calientes is also a kind of journey.

The territory of the complex is quite compact, in three hours it is quite possible to have time to watch everything and climb around. If there is a desire to climb to the very top of Mount Vaina-Picchu, then by three o'clock you need to add two more. Therefore, in this case it is advisable to spend the night in Aguas Calientes and arrive at Machu Picchu from the very early morning.

Nowadays, a limit has been imposed on visiting the complex - 800 people per day That is why it is recommended to buy tickets in advance, and not to hope that there will be tickets at the ticket desk at the entrance on the day of the visit. All tickets are registered and at the entrance checked with a passport. Toilets, food and water only at the entrance. Once in the territory of Machu Picchu came, you can not buy anything, do not go to the toilet. If you want to stay until the evening, take water with you (1 liter per person at least) and food. Small backpacks are not checked there at the entrance, they won't let you in with big ones.

Since the city of Machu Picchu itself is a historic landmark, tourists cannot live in it, so you have to choose from two nearby cities, namely Cusco and Aguas Calientes. Both of them are in Peru, only in different parts of it. In Cusco, you can stay in a wonderful hotel for tourists "El Monasterio". This hotel is located in a former monastery, so that the very stay in it will give a lot of positive emotions. At Aguas Calientes, at least two hotels are also available to tourists.

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