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Madagascar has many such plants that are not found in other countries of the world - there is a completely unique flora and fauna

Madagascar is a "continent in miniature", literally overflowing with exotic life forms, many of which are found only on this island. There are extinct volcanoes and high mountains, valleys and rivers, rainforests and semi-deserts. There are no luxury hotels in Madagascar: this is a place for those who are looking not for luxurious rooms, but for new impressions and one hundred percent exoticism. Due to its remoteness from the entire inhabited world, fauna and flora, unlike the whole world, was formed on the island. For Africa, the island is probably on the maps.

Malagasy nature, having developed in absolute isolation for thousands of years, has reached unprecedented wealth and diversity: 90% of the species of native animals and plants are absolutely unique and are not found anywhere else on Earth. Baobabs are a very interesting representative of the flora. Its trunk - straight and powerful, usually without branches - is a huge reservoir for water. It can hold about 120 thousand liters of water. This feature helps the tree to survive during droughts, which can last as much as 10 months.

Baobab Alley is located on the road connecting the towns of Morondava and Beloni-Tziribiina, in the central part of the island's western coast. In one African legend it is said that once a god in a rage snatched a baobab from the ground and then thrust it back with a crown. Thus it turned out that the roots of the tree were at the top. Indeed, when you look at baobabs without foliage, they look like trees with roots instead of branches. Baobabs in the alley have a height of about 30 meters, and the age reaches 800 years. Since 2007, the baobab alley has been protected by the state and the nearby Andranomena Reserve National Park.

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Madagascar travel. Avenue de Baobab, Adansonia madagascariensis. Madagascar tours.
Locals claim that in earlier times there were significantly more baobabs. But agriculture still did its dirty work, and the number of baobabs decreased. The increase in the flow of tourists contributed to the familiarization of residents of nearby villages to the tourism business. Now some of them are engaged in the manufacture and sale of souvenirs. Now the Baobab Alley is an open sight for everyone. There are no fences or fees for visits.

Baobabs are considered the national tree of the inhabitants of Madagascar

Madagascar is a real paradise for wildlife lovers. One of the attractions is Baobaba. Half an hour from Morondava is the famous "Baobab Alley" - the dream of every traveler and photographer. Here they grow 9 species, and one of them is imported from Africa, and 7 others are not found anywhere else in the world. Secluded romantic vacations. The culinary traditions of Madagascar were not influenced by other nations for a long time, since the island was isolated from the rest of the world. Madagascar dishes are extremely difficult to cook outside the island - you just can't find the right ingredients. Solo adventure holidays for single travelers.

Just one of those things. The most visited nature reserve in Madagascar is the Montagne D'Ambre National Park. Despite its rather modest size, it is famous for very attractive landscapes, beautiful lakes and waterfalls. According to the legend of the Malagasy, it is here that the spirits of ancestors dwell. One of the wonders of the nature of Madagascar - volcanic lake Tritriva, located in the central part of the island. This is a sacred place for Malagasy, shrouded in myths and legends. Tritriva is famous for the fact that during a drought, the water level in it, contrary to any logic, rises, and the objects thrown into the water mysteriously over time end up in the valley.

Baobab is a sacred tree for the people of Madagascar. He is considered the progenitor of the forest and revered along with the gods. Baobabs are found not only on this island, but also in Africa, and even in Australia. With the development of agriculture, forests began to cut down in Madagascar, but the baobabs do not touch because of respect for the majestic trees. As a result, powerful trunks of sacred trees now rise on the edges of one of the dirt roads. This road is now called the Baobab Alley.

Trees growing in the alley of baobab trees belong to the Adansonia Grandidieri species. This is a very rare species of endemic tree, that is, it is found only in Madagascar. Just a couple of dozen trees along the edges of a small road create a stunning landscape. It seems to be nothing special (for the locals for sure), but how many incredible things are for travelers from all over the world!

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