Maldives holidays. Walk of freedom - A runway from a Maldivian island beach to a relaxation point. Maldives vacation

Angaga Island Resort and Spa. Ari Atoll. Creative getaway ideas.

Traveling to the Maldives is a cherished dream of many tourists or truly a dream trip to the paradise islands located in the Indian Ocean, where there is summer all year round

The weather of the Maldives is the dream of everyone who loves the sun, the sea and the heat. Even in the most modest corner of the Maldives there is everything - excellent beaches, crystal waters, excellent conditions for diving, and of course a high level of service. Atoll South Ari makes a decent impression: large corals, turtles, many exotic fish, whitefin reef sharks and other marine life.

One or two weeks of rest on the paradise islands will be an ideal option for those who want to relax and relax on the beach under a palm tree from the rhythm of a big city. Angaga Island Resort - an exotic island resort will appeal to avid divers and travelers looking for a quiet comfortable stay. The hotel is surrounded by famous diving sites, which attracts lovers of underwater beauty. The island is surrounded by a white sandy beach - one of the most beautiful in the Maldives. Dimensions of the island are 300 meters x 300 meters.

Holidays in the Maldives are a special status. In the archipelago of more than a thousand coral islands, and each of them is a small piece of paradise on earth. An amazing example of how you can live in harmony with nature, without destroying, but only complementing the surrounding landscapes. Hotels are usually a scattering of luxury bungalows on the shores of the Indian Ocean.

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Maldives holidays. Walk of freedom -  A runway from a Maldivian island beach to a relaxation point. Maldives vacation.
Lovers from all over the world come here, whether it be newlyweds or a family celebrating a golden wedding. They are attracted by the atmosphere of romance, bliss and unity with the outside world. If desired, you can organize a symbolic wedding ceremony, during which the oaths of love and allegiance will be brought to three elements: Water, Air and Earth. National cuisine of Maldives absorbed the Indian and Sri Lankan traditions. The same fish, rice, coconuts and spices in dozens of variations. As a beverage, sweet palm juice, coconut milk and tea are offered. But, of course, in good hotels (there are simply no others on the archipelago) you can serve steaks, European wines, and a classic continental breakfast.

Maldives are considered the best place for a beach holiday for a reason, and deservedly so

The Maldives are practically at the equator and are famous for the year-round summer reigns here. At high tide, when water rushes in swiftly, the ocean seems to swell, increasing in size. As a true conqueror, he takes away so small spaces of land, heats the shores, washes out the sand, licks the wet roots of the trees, spreading over the sand and trying to hold onto shaky soil.

The unique location of the resort allows you to dive into the bright world of flora and fauna of the Indian Ocean, and even admire the giant whale sharks. Travel to the Maldives is not cheap. The best time to visit Maldives is from December to April. There are no rescuers in the Maldives. Going to any trip abroad is better to have medical insurance, even if its presence, as in the case of the Maldives, is not a prerequisite for visiting the country.

On the territory of the Maldives, American Express, MasterCard and Visa payment systems successfully operate. Their plastic cards are accepted for payment almost everywhere. However, a certain amount of cash is worth having. Many spas and massage parlors can give very significant discounts when paying with cash. In addition, cash will be needed to purchase various souvenirs and gifts.

Maldives is the unofficial representation of heaven on Earth and one of the most expensive beach resorts in the world. A small state in the Indian Ocean, occupying an atoll chain from 1,192 coral islands, has been considered the best resting place and a kind of measure of success for decades. Here, in the literal sense, it smells of luxury and big money. But the Maldivians themselves live relatively modestly.

The Ari Atoll (length 96 km, width 33 km) is located east of Male. It consists of 70 islands, 28 of which are considered tourist. Bridges are lined up between some of the islets, along which you can ride a bike. Each hotel tries to distinguish itself and win more fans: somewhere a free boat is assigned to the number, on the other each bungalow has its own beach, on the third there is a nightclub with billiards, etc.

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