Maldives islands vacations. Aerial view of tropical islands in Indian ocean. Group of hotels. Maldives tours

Tours to the Maldives are the perfect choice for an exclusive beach holiday away from the bustle of the city

All year round there is an atmosphere of calm and romance that attracts newlyweds and couples in love

The Maldives are known as a great place to go diving, snorkeling and surfing, as well as relaxing in the spa. The archipelago is more than a thousand coral islands, and each of them is a small piece of paradise on Earth. This is an amazing example of how you can live in harmony with nature, not destroying, but only complementing the surrounding landscapes. Maldives are located in the equatorial waters of the Indian Ocean, 700 km south-west of Sri Lanka and 340 km south of India.

The Maldives is almost two thousand coral islands in the Indian Ocean. Most of them are uninhabited. Holidays in the Maldives can not afford many people and it is traditionally considered to be the elite direction of tourism. Your journey Maldives will leave an indelible impression, because the Maldives is an Earthly paradise for those who love the sun, sea and sand. Each island has coral reefs. It is not surprising that the most popular form of recreation here is diving. Pictures of the rich underwater world enrapture both beginners and experienced divers.

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Maldives islands vacations. Aerial view of tropical islands in Indian ocean. Group of hotels. Maldives tours.

Hotels are usually a scattering of luxury bungalows on the shores of the Indian Ocean

Lovers from all over the world come here, whether it be newlyweds or a family celebrating a golden wedding. They are attracted by the atmosphere of romance, bliss and unity with the outside world. Many hotels in the Maldives have SPA salons and massage rooms. The Maldives is an exotic, enchanting world. The Maldives is a paradise of scuba diving and a happy relaxing holiday. Spend your holidays in the Maldives, if you want fantastic sunsets on the beach, postcard views and seclusion in a romantic setting.

If you want a contemplative rest on the beach, relaxing in first-class spas and scuba diving, then it is better to go to resort atolls: North and South Male, Baa, Ari, Laviani, Nunu. Doni is a small boat, with the help of which the local population moves in the Maldives independently and on a budget from one island to another.

You should be careful when swimming in the evening - right after sunset the local reef sharks may approach the shores. They do not harm people, but if you are with a child, you need to ensure that he is not in the water after sunset. Choosing a diving club for training, you should not rely solely on a favorable pricing policy. An important role is played by the approach to the organization of dives and the behavior of the company's specialists.

Their professionalism and experience is directly related to both the number of dives made and the number of various dive sites! Only professionals know that the sites for immersion of professionals and beginners differ in many ways from each other. The direction and strength of the current, the agitation of the water, underwater visibility, relief, and depth of the swim have an impact on the complexity of the dive.

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