Maldives vacations. Water villa and turquoise water on Meeru Island. Maldives tours

Rest on the islands suggests a quiet pace of life, unhurried, measured

Vacation on the islands is a form of recreation, quite different from others

Islands of the Republic of Maldives are an amazing pearl necklace of 26 volcanic atolls located in the Indian Ocean, south-west of India and Sri Lanka. In the Maldives, everything is located on separate islands: separately - the local population that lives on local islands (201 islands), separately - island-hotels (there are 109), separately - island-airport.

Each hotel in the Maldives has its own specifics, the "highlight" to be at least a little different from its fellow competitors. The Meeru Island Hotel does it with honor - it's not for nothing that Meeru Island Resort and Spa has been among the top five best-selling Maldives hotels for several years.

Rest on the fabulous islands, among amazing landscapes, will be an excellent option for a winter vacation. In the Maldives, it is easy to forget about civilization, to take a break from the noise and the frantic pace of life of megacities, being left alone with nature. A good mood will not leave a tourist for a long time.

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Maldives vacations. Water villa and turquoise water on Meeru Island. Maldives tours.
Holidays in the Maldives is the case when the expectations are fully consistent with the brochures, although the choice of the exact location, or rather the suitable island, is also important. The peculiarity of this tourist destination: large resort hotels of the Maldives occupy each of the entire island, so you should simultaneously take into account geographical factors (island size, length of beaches), and hotel services, quality of accommodation confirmed by reviews. The high level of service includes island restaurants serving local and European dishes. Please note: all accounts already include 10% of the cost of the service, because any other additional tips in the Maldives are not mandatory.

Honeymoon villas are located right on the water away from everyone

These villas are the largest and all the conditions for the solitude of the newlyweds are created here. During low tide, you can walk there, and at high tide - only on a small boat, carefully moored nearby. Most of the islands of the Maldives are uninhabited: people live on about 200 of them, and for vacationers the hotels are open only on 83 islands.

What else will they offer you in Meeru? This is snorkeling on a coral reef, where a boat takes you twice a day, for advanced ones you can go scuba diving, huge fields for badminton, tennis, golf, fitness halls and much more. Water sports - catamaran, windsurfing, kayaking, jet skiing, fishing from a boat in the open ocean.

Maldivian cuisine is very diverse, with notes of European, Asian, Indian and Arabic. Many dishes are built on variations of fish (first of all, great tuna) + rice + coconut + spices. There is no doubt that every guest will find food to his taste. The export of black corals and products from them, tortoiseshells, shells and other items found on the ocean floor - with the exception of souvenirs, is strictly prohibited. Without restrictions, you can take out jewelry, products of local artisans and natural coconut oil.

Tourism brings about 28% of GDP to the Maldives - this is the main sector of the state's economy, which began to develop only from the 1970s, before this island remained virtually unknown for vacationers. The traditional fisheries for its economy, which is the second state source of income, remain in the country. National symbols of the country - natural. The coconut palm reminds of the country's riches, the national flower is a beautiful rose, the animal is a reef fish of a triggerfish.

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