Martinique tourism - Volcano Beach. Caribbean Beach with an extinct volcano. Martinique holiday. Beach vacation deals

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The region is located in the heart of the eastern Caribbean islands

Sandy beaches shimmering in thousands of shades, lush vegetation, huge rocks reflecting the sun. Landscapes of Martinique can not fail to impress. The main ingredients used to prepare local dishes are seafood, rice and exotic fruits. You can try the following dishes: 'crab-Farsi' - stuffed crab with spices, clams, stewed on coals, fried berix, fish-sun or mintfish, fillet of flying fish in a creamy garlic sauce; 'Balau' - small fish stew with freshwater shrimps: 'Bluff' - seafood soup; 'Tent' - boiled octopus; salmon with artichokes; 'Equiss' - crayfish; 'Kribishe' - freshwater lobster; 'Cabri' - fried goat meat; 'Colombo' - a dish of goat, pork or lamb; rabbit stewed with vegetables; duck liver with vinegar; snails and frog legs and more.

The main attractions of the city Fort - France are the parks of La Sawan and Park Floral, Fort St. Louis, Scholscher Library, St. Louis Cathedral, Museum of the Department of Archeology, Regional Museum of History and Ethnography, aquarium. In urban surroundings, the Jardin-Balata Botanical Garden, the Balata Church, the village of Morne-Rouge, located at an altitude of 450 meters above sea level, and waterfalls on the Alma River attract the attention of tourists.

The shores of Martinique are heavily indented, and for most of the bays the entrance is blocked by reefs. The most convenient for shipping ports are located on the west coast, in the Fort-de-France bay. The climate of the island is tropical, trade wind. Martinique does not indulge tourists with an abundance of cheap fruit, but it pampers them with its variety: papaya, mango, guiava, passion fruit, cinnamon apple, tamarin, carom. And how many kinds of bananas are there!

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Martinique tourism - Volcano Beach. Caribbean Beach with an extinct volcano. Martinique holiday.
Martinique is an island region of France, part of the Lesser Antilles in the eastern Caribbean with a population of 386486 inhabitants. Nearby is another overseas territory of France called Guadeloupe. Martinique is generally one of the 18 overseas territories of France and is an integral part of the French Republic, part of the European Union with the euro currency. The official language is French, but the local population speaks Antilles Creole.

Martinique is outdoor activities, nature and parks, beaches

Holidays in Martinique can be unforgettable for you. Important points of the excursion program in Saint-Pierre are the Museum of Volcanology, the ruins of the old theater, the city prison and the city warehouses, and the House-Museum of Paul Gauguin. Not far from the city, you can visit the Tombe de Kareb cliff, which has an important historical significance, the ruins of chocolate plantations, the old tobacco plantation of Hebitation - Seron. You can plunge into the atmosphere of life of local residents in the villages of Enns-Belleville and Le Prescher. City of Saint - Marie - the capital of rum production. Here you can not only study the production technology of this famous drink, but also taste the aromatic products.

Rum Museum is located in the town of Sainte Marie - the capital of rum production on the island of Martinique. It was created on the basis of Saint James distillery in 1660. His expositions show the technology and process of making rum, as well as the collection mechanisms used in its production. Martinique is famous for its rum, which is no worse than Cuban. Rum is cooked on herbs - "dukollazh", on fruit - "plantyur". There is a tasting room in the rum museum, where there are many varieties of rum. Fans of this drink can taste various popular types of rum, as well as appreciate the bouquet of herbs that make up it. Near the museum there is a shop where you can buy souvenirs for the whole family.

Houses, apartments and real estate in Martinique: local real estate is at a high level, there are no slums or favels in Martinique, this is hard to believe, but tourists can go around the whole island and not find signs of poverty. Prices for residential real estate in Martinique are very high, housing can be afforded by millionaires, there is almost no opportunity to obtain a residence permit through the purchase of real estate. These moments. The crime rate is low, but pickpocketing is a common occurrence. Always split your cash resources into several parts and keep them separately. Trips of a lifetime that don't cost the Earth. The best place for diving is the volcanic island of Roche-du-Diamant.

For a long time, Martinique existed at the expense of cane sugar, but after sugar beets won the world, it became unprofitable to produce sugar. Now Martinique does not even cover its own needs for cane and is forced to import sugar. With the cultivation of pineapples, the situation is also catastrophic: more recently, vast fields have been reduced to 170 hectares. Only bananas make it possible for the economy of Martinique to somehow exist, but their plantations are rapidly declining, yielding to the onslaught of the construction of villas.

Bayeux du Gallon, washing Presquille Caravel peninsula, is considered the most beautiful in Martinique. On the beaches of the bay there is everything for a relaxing holiday, sunbathing under the gentle sunshine, practicing various sports. Diving enthusiasts will enjoy underwater walks, the rich underwater world will amaze the eye of the traveler, and there are all the conditions for excellent sea fishing. Surrounded by tropical greenery, the bay beach is extraordinarily beautiful. In every place of the bay you can find something curious. Water excursions along the bay on yachts and other ships are very popular. In the bay you can witness the competition in sailing.

No matter how the ancient Greeks sacrificed bulls to Poseidon, the "swayer of the earth," the planet did not stop shaking from this. It is shaking now, and in the 21st century, humanity cannot cope with this terrible disaster. Moreover, there are suggestions that our planet has entered a period of increased activity, that is, there will be more and more earthquakes. How to deal with them, how to predict - many geophysicists think about this.

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