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Martinique is an island from the central part of the Lesser Antilles archipelago, in the Caribbean Sea of the Atlantic Ocean

Keep your eyes and ears open. The sea around Martinique is rich in fish, crustaceans and mollusks. Among the palm-studded beaches, overgrown with banana plantations of hills, pineapple valleys lost among volcanic mountains, one can feel the true charm of one of the most elegant states in Europe. The island was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1502 during the 4th expedition. Throughout the entire calendar year, Martinique hosts a huge number of various festivals and holidays, in their originality comparable only with Cuba and Brazil.

April is considered the ideal period for traveling to Martinique. There are many beautiful and interesting places in the chain of volcanic islets washed by the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea. Cozy coves and coral buildings, proud cliffs and pearl shallows, palm-fringed beaches and fantastic outlines of coastal rocks, polished by the surf - which is not found on the Antilles.

The sun in Martinique does not pity anyone, and this is a simple explanation. Since Martinique is located close to the equator, only 1,500 kilometers away, the sun is roasting several dozen times stronger than in France in the middle of summer. Let the clouds, the rain and the wind do not weaken your guard. Remember: in the Caribbean islands, people with fair skin simply need to apply daily sunscreen with a high degree of protection. By the way, in Martinique, sunscreen is very, very expensive, it is no secret to anyone. Buy the cream in advance at home.

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Martinique holiday. Golden Caribbean Martinique sunset. Caribbean cruises.
La Sawan Park is considered one of the most sizeable parks on the territory of Martinique, it is located in the capital city of Fort-de-France. La Sawan Park attracts travelers with its unique nature. This park is covered with grassy lawns, bamboo bushes, huge centuries-old trees. In the park La Sawan many many fountains, palm alleys and outdoor concert grounds. From the south-east side of the park adjacent Fort St. Louis, once defended the city from raids of pirates. La Sawan Park is covered with grassy lawns, tall centuries-old trees, bamboo bushes and many benches installed. Adjacent to the harbor side of La Sawan Park, you will find wonderful souvenir shops, newsstands and a number of statues dedicated to the first settlers and soldiers who fell in battle.

The island of Martinique is a solid beach area

The beaches here are clean, well-groomed, with white or black volcanic sand, with good conditions for practicing water sports. My perfect day. In the picturesque green necklace of the Lesser Antilles, stretching a long blow from Haiti and Puerto Rico to the mouth of the Orinoco River and further along the Venezuelan coast, there is an island with a particularly lush nature and especially a turbulent history. Steps to paradise. Martinique is the birthplace of Josephine Beauharnais, the French Empress, Napoleon's first wife. In the house where her childhood passed, her museum is currently operating. For some time the artist Gauguin lived in Martinique. Now there is a museum. There are no originals in the museum.

Lake Ethan de Salin is located at the very south of the island of Martinique. The water in this reservoir is salty and is only 600 meters from the coast of the Caribbean Sea. The climate is quite dry and sunny even in winter days. When clouds close up over the whole island, it is sunny and warm in the south. At any time of year there are many tourists. They come to the white sandy beaches to take a break from worries and problems. Here you can just sunbathe, you can do active sports, including diving, as the St Lucia Strait is famous for its rich underwater world.

65% of the rum produced in Martinique is consumed locally. This is explained not only by the fact that most of the wines that restaurants can offer you in restaurants are most likely fake, but also by the amazing attractiveness of the various rum-based cocktails that are prepared here. The most famous of which, of course, is Ti-Punsh: rum, sugar and lime. Moreover, if the Russians, with their cold winter, drink cold vodka, then the Martinisans, with their constant heat, are drinking hot t-punch. Where is the logic?

There is a volcano on the island of Martinique, the eruption of which in 1902 wiped out the largest city of Saint-Pierre at that time and took about 28 thousand lives. 17 ships completely burned out. According to legend, only two residents of the city survived - a prisoner who served time in an underground solitary cell, and a shoemaker who lived on the edge of St. Pierre. In Martinique, not only the beaches themselves are noteworthy, but also the views that open from them in the evenings. It is very well located, the sun goes below the horizon, reflected in the waves slowly moving on each other.

The clouds are usually white, but at sunset they are often red. Clouds change color due to the refraction of sunlight in the Earth's atmosphere. The sun's rays refracting in the atmosphere are decomposed into a spectrum. The longer wavelength part of the spectrum - the red one is refracted less, so the red line is the lowest one, besides you can see orange clouds and yellow ones. Under certain conditions, you can see how the sky turns green.

What are the goals of a person who travels? Why do we take a vacation every year and go to warmer countries or to a ski resort? Maybe it's just a habit instilled in our environment, or maybe it's a conscious choice for everyone, leading to an indispensable knowledge of the world? Each life situation carries a lesson in itself, travel is no exception. Perhaps someone does not understand why his friend went on another trip - because it is a waste of time and money. But each journey is much more than just hanging out.

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